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Printed photos/art looks horrible but great on computer!?

So I go and put tons of my photos and digital art on my sd card and take it to Rite-aid to print out. When they are all done (and $40 later) they look like crap! Nothing like how they did on here. The editing of the phones and all of the digital work was done with adobe photoshop cs3. Any idea why there is such a big difference and how i might change this? It worries me because i have some of them set up to buy on deviant art and im hoping the prints they send out arent as bad. Maybe it is RiteAid's crappy printer? Any help would be great! Thanks!

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  • ND DVM
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    1 decade ago
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    Do they look like half-tones (comic book pictures with huge dots?) It is in Photoshop, a complication with the new version. You MAY be able to get around this by choosing "Print" and then clicking the button called "Screen." Uncheck "Use Printer's Default Screen" to enable choices in the "Halftone Screen" box. Set "Frequency" to at least 150 lines/inch. I don't know how this will work at RiteAid. Another problem with the new Photoshop is that the printer settings don't stay stuck when you switch documents. Hope this helps.

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