Would you do this to your daughter?

I am 14 and just dont want to be a teenage drama queen. I am confused if i am being one, tell me please. Well my parents seem to be horrible to me. Like they still get my things like yesterday, we went shopping and I spent £40 on things such as clothes, shoes and mp3 player it was really cool. But like when we got home my brother has this fetish for yawning. I was yawning in the dining room and he started moaning and pretended to throw his megeskater at me and I still didnt say and thing and I said I havent ate my cookies yet and he said i dont care about them blah blah and I will eat it at my funeral. I didnt even hit him or anything and I tried to call my mum who was at work but she wouldnt pick up because I knew my dad wouldnt do anything so I told my dad and he said "hm. think you both are talking rubbish" twice and I was like "is that all you can do?" on the verge of tears and he told him to say sorry and he did but it wasnt like my dad cared and i called my mum and she asked to

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speak to him and i gave him the phone but he turned away because he thought i was trying to hit him i think and the phone dropped in the bathroom and my dad ran to me and hit my neck (im a girl by the way) and i fell down and he slapped my back and my neck at least three times and made me cry and he chased me into my room and I was so hysterical, talking to myself and crying and screaming and calling for my mum. My head (he hit that too) was hurting so much and i wasnt allowed paracetemol. He said it will "get better in the morning".

I didnt feel safe in that house last night i thought he may come to kill me but i feel okayish now and i am just worried my mum will be dissappointed in me and call our relatives in nigeria, saying how me and my brother always fight. And i HATE it when the put us on the same level like we are the same age. My dad is such a freak. I am not allowed to use MSN even though that is the only was i can communicate with my primary school friends as most of them

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dont have phone credit all of the time. And like i could use it to talk to my friend about homework and scan it in. And ask for homework help. And to personalize MSN and m ake it my own. I am not allowed to shave my armpits or legs but i dont really need to except in the summer. But i am not allowed. I am not allowed to use mouthwash either as it is not for kids apparently. My mum wanted to go to nigeria to see her family but he said no because he thinks if someone goes on holiday the whole family should. And she dropped the idea although she really wants to and she said the type of dad he was if she didnt drop things there would be arguments etc. My dad can be really cool and we have discussions, go out, he buys me stuff and i knew he loved and cared about me. But he is just weird and his birthday on sunday, i dont know how to act as i might just ruin it.. any ideas? I feel so upset i just take random paracetemol or any pills when i am really really low. I havent taken any since 2 day

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So i'm a drama queen? And this isnt the first time i got hit as a little kid you get hit on the bum or your ear pulled. The other day my brother threw his chicken in the bin and my dad propa hit his butt and threw him on the chair and it was in the middle of him eating. My dad has to go hospital as he is really stressed but he stresses himself out over silly stuff like the chicken.

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    from what you said i doubt ur just being a drama queen but in stories like this theres always more thn 1 point of view.

    try talking to your mum about this not saying you think your dads weird but say your worried about how angry he gets and how it might be stressing him and your worried about causing a row on his birthday. say your sorry you and your brother argue but its never just your fault and could they sort something out to keep everyone ok with each other. tell her you dont know how to strop arguin with your bro and its unfair you get hit for it.rely on her to look after you,

    you could also call child line on 1111 if ur in the uk not sure bout the states but thr will be a charity tht dus the sme thng. just try talking to ppl around you about it but keep everything unbiased.

    this is the way you see things your parents will have another view and there will b a reasonf r tht view, finding out what it is will help you understnd the situation better.

    also to the answer above i think ur the one hu needs to grow up, she's asking for help and advice and her dad hitting her is obviously a problem, ffs think about what your answer will have an effect with, for all you know you could be making people in tht situation suicidal. people like you have no right to be allowed on yahoo answers, your not helpful and not doing any good at all.

    good luck xXx

    Source(s): been beaten up as punishment by my parents and granparent since i ws a toddler, im 14 now and hv been told i have enuf evidence to be permanently removed frm them but im used to the beating, can live with it and id lose too much its not worth it
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    Well I think the main thing here is that you need to speak to someone about your Dad hitting you, there is no need for him to hurt you, try telling a teacher at school they should be able to offer you help and guidance. I understand where your Dad is coming from with you not being allowed to use MSN, there are a lot of people on the internet who are not who they say they are and it can be dangerous, so I think he is just looking out for you. To be honest with you, if you don't need to shave your legs, then don't! I wish I never done it so young becuase now I need to do it every day! I think a lot of this is probably that your Dad still sees you as his little girl and is scared about you growing up! You're not a drama queen! Please tell someone about your dad hitting you though. Good luck

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    Being 14 can be pretty horrible at times, you're not a kid but nor are you an adult, and everyone wants a piece of how you should behave.

    I don't live in your country - I'm Australian - and I don't understand Nigerian culture or ways, but I am a mum of a daughter and a son, and have a grand daughter also, so I will try to help.

    Sounds like you get on better with Dad than Mum. That's a common thing for girls in the early teens.Does Dad have a sister or a cousin, a female, whom he listens to? Would it be a good idea to talk about all the above to HER and get her to put your case to Dad?

    Failing that, does Mum have a mate(also female)who could speak to her about how you feel?

    Being the Mum of a 14 year old girl isn't always fun either. For a lot of mums, a teenage daughter happens at the same time as the 40th birthday - very depressing to some women and in your 40s you can feel very tired as well - please note you get your energy back later! So she may over react to a lot of things happening with you, and take refuge in her(still good?) relationship with your little bro.

    Yes, I have one of them myself, and so does my daughter, been there, done that, my bro and I are now very close friends and we used to fight like M U and Arsenal!.

    I feel for you, that you believe that you are stuck in a sitch you can't fix, but if you have no family friend as above, is there a decent woman teacher at school you can talk to?

    Luv from Australia, and good luck.

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    well right now my girls are both under 8, so it would be hard to imagine what I would do when they get to the age where that could be possible. I would think that not only would I be hurt that I had to find out that way, I would feel like a failure as a mom for many reasons- A. she should be able to come to me with anything, especially with that. If she feels like she cant then I have failed. B. I should have informed her better of the consequences of unprotected sex (or even protected). C. I would feel so sad that her life (if still a teenager) would drastically and irrevocably change. Now, if she was an adult I would still be hurt but extremely happy...and even if she was a teen happiness would eventually come after the shock because that would still be my grandbaby wow I put way too much thought into this, hypothetically I would just get her checked out

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    NO!You're NOT a drama queen.You have done nothing and if your brother offended you,your dad has no right to hit you!

    Parents have no right to hit their children.Specially a 14 year old teenager girl!Don't they understand you have feelings?

    I think you must talk to a school counselor (however u spell it)

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    Far too tedious to read it all - yes you are being a drama queen about absolutely nothing. Time to start growing up!

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    Drama queen learn to edit your work..................yawn to long & boring ?

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