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michr asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 1 decade ago

attorneys who answer questions on Yahoo Answers.......................?

and close with a disclaimer or have a disclaimer in their profile.

1. Do you believe that in a forum such as this the need is real or perceived?

2. Why is there such a need and who or what is the root cause?

3. What does this practice/need say about us as a society?


wendy c -

Do you really not think the need of disclaimers doesn’t say something about us as a society? Do I understand your answer to say that the need for disclaimers is real and not perceived? So, if the answer is yes the need is real then how can that fact not say something about us and this litigious life we lead.

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    It says nothing about anyone as a society.

    Yahoo answers is a website, which offers a question/ answer format, and ANYONE is allowed to respond. It is a fact that many persons come here.. and expect that this section is actual lawyers, and that the reply is valid legal advice. That is a misconception on the part of the persons asking the question.

    Lawyers are expected to be sure that people understand that a comment is not paid, professional advice (or even free legal advice). This happens because no one knows ALL the issues in a situation unless they sit down in person, and the lawyer asks relevant questions. It would be TOTALLY STUPID for a person to ask a question here, try to use that info in court, then hold the lawyer responsible by saying "well, I was told this by a lawyer on yahoo". In fact.. there are questions that show people ARE that dumb.. and if they harm themselves, they would WANT to hold the person from yahoo responsible for giving the wrong advice.

    The root cause is that lawyers are fully aware of when there is an actual client relationship (an agreement that the lawyer is acting for the client).. and the court can hold the lawyer accountable. Most persons here don't understand that. The need is to wake up people from thinking that they have gotten complete and valid legal advice from an attorney, for free.

    I am not a lawyer.. simply self educated on some legal issues. I can tell you what MY knowledge/ experience is.. that does not make me correct. I may be correct.. but maybe not.

    Yes... there is a need for it here, because some people DO expect or look for legal advice here, and confuse it with representation.


    will try to explain again.. it says something only towards the minority of persons here.. who confuse the purpose of yahoo answers with legitimate advice in an attorney - client relationship. MOST people understand the difference. It is a few that don't. My comments have nothing to do with the level of lawsuits filed in this country.. ONLY with the reasons behind the disclaimers posted by attorneys on THIS WEBSITE.

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    Personally, I asked a legal question on YAnswers, and didn't get anything close to a legal response. I don't believe any attorneys are on the site - those who say they are, are all just regular people with opinions. Valid opinions, true, but none that could be construed as legal ones.

  • jeudy
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    4 years ago

    3. It tells me we've way too many criminal experts! do you realize the distinction between an criminal expert and a white lab rat? a. there are a heck of lots greater criminal experts than white lab rats. b. you are able to grow to be emotionally related to a white lab rat. c. there are some issues a white lab rat won't do for money

  • Anonymous
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    Attorneys are out making money.

    Attorneys on Yahoo answers are 14 year old kids with links.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    attorney don't have the time to fool around with this. it's little kids playing around. good grief

  • 1 decade ago

    if by that u mean u hate y/a then i m with u bro!!!!!!!!!!

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