What do you suggest I should do if I want to study astrophysics in university?

I am going to college next year and I am really fascinated about cosmology, I have been ever since I was about 6. I want to study astrophysics in university but I want to improve my chance of becoming succesful in astrophysics. For my a levels I have chosen chemistry, physics, maths and biology. I want to know what books I should read, what activities I should do etc, to improve my knowledge and ability of astrophysics.

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    Sounds like you've got the basics down - you need to take calculus and physics. Biology won't help, and chemistry won't help much. If you want to study astrophysics, remember that you'll need a PhD - there really aren't any jobs in astronomy if you don't have one. And to get into graduate school for astrophysics, you need to major in physics. And don't forget to take at least one computer science course as well.

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