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how long before poison runs its course and is out of a small dogs system?

I think my dog has gotten into some kind of poison I am currently unemployed so i have no money for the vet it started yesterday and i fed him an egg and milk mixture, he hasn't thrown up since last night. Today he is very week and shakes periodically. I have been forcing children's pedialite down him to prevent dehydration. He won't eat anything there has been no diarrhea and no blood in his vomit nor any signs of a fever, his breathing is normal except when he starts to shake and his heart seems to be beating regularly what else should i do and how long before it runs its course. i have researched common dog diseases and he doesnt really seem to have any of those symptons plus his shots are current what else could it be and what else can i do?

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    If you don't know what the poison is, you sure can't counteract it on your own.

    Your dog really needs to get to a vet - sounds as if he is a bad way and probably needs an IV for dehydration and a general cure for his poisoning.

    Poison is not going to "work its way out of his system", it is far more likely to shut down his system and kill him if you don't get him some vet help.

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    Sorry about your unemployment but even so, sorry even more for your dog. Try to work out a payment plan for your dog with your vet. We are dog owners, I'm a trainer - why would we know what in hell is wrong with your dog. Sorry to be harsh but seriously, even vets will not diagnose your dog over the internet why would a bunch of dog fanciers to any better? Which poison or medication should we guess that he got into, there are hundreds of them and the treatment differs from dog to dog. There is a poison control center for pets you can call, it's 35.00 - 55.00 but if you don't know what he got into how would they psychically know what he got into.

    He could be in liver failure, kidney failure have absorption problems. Frankly I am usually more patient but this is the wrong forum. Get your dog to the vet now and I hope he makes it.

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    I hate it when people come into my clinic and ask for their dog to be tested for "poison." Invariably, it is not poison, it is some other problem. Besides, it costs about $1000 for a "poison panel" because each poison requires a separate test.

    You say nothing about the age, social situation (free roaming, in fence) , etc of your pet. Without that, there is no way to speculate what kind of "poison" or problem your pet could have going on.

    There is a great shirt on Cafe Press: If you cannot afford the vet, you cannot afford the pet. It applies here.

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    Call a vet and ask for help.Get on a payment plan. Your dog is dieing. This could a long painful death. Call every vet in the yellow pages...ask for help. Some care more about animals then money. offer to work it off at his office. Clean cages, You will be cleaning up dog poop but also saving your dogs life.

    PLEASE call a vet. beg if you have too. The longer you wait the less time you have. Explain your situation,tell him you dont have the money right now, ask him to put you on a payment plan,let him know you will clean cages or any other help he needs at his office. Please let me know how things go. I see that you have tried your best to help your dog.

    Best of luck,


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    I agree, he needs to see a vet ASAP. Many cities have emergency vet clinics that will treat the pet and work out the payment details with you afterward as far as price or maybe a payment plan. Do an internet search to see if there's an emergency vet clinic near you. Otherwise most regular vet clinics will treat the pet and work something out for you to pay them rather than turn away an animal that is suffering.

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    it has nothing to do with how long will it take to run it's course it has to do with the damage it is doing to the dogs kidneys and liver. you can't give the dog enough Pedialite to flush out the poison.

    ask the vet. about payments,sell something, borrow money what ever you have to do but get your dog to the vet. it's been over 24hrs. and that's not good.

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    I think it's really sad to have a dog that is suffering and you are online on a computer. I understand being unemployed but sell some of the things in your house.

    Work out a payment plan with the vet. Borrow the money, sell your books, DVD's, CD's, something....

    But don't let your dog suffer. There are no home remedies for dogs who have been poisoned. He needs to go to the vet and he needs to do it now.

    Please take him.

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    I would imagine as with anything toxic to a dogs system she would show symptoms relatively quickly. Maybe call your vet or poison control and ask them.

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    There are many thousands of different toxins; and honestly there's no way to tell that you're even dealing with one. Some wear off in hours, some cause permanent damage. You need a veterinarian to check the dog - and even then, you might not get a definitive answer. (Vets are good, but they're not perfect.)

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    Apply for Care Credit, go to the vet...however it may be too late...especially if you don't even know what your dog got into.

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