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Why do we see lambs being born only in the spring time?

Why don't we see them born in a season like Autumn?


what are you on about about aries???

Update 2:

i mean young lambs playing in the fields not literally being born. Please can someone answer this seriously.

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    Not only the lambs are born in the spring. Most all animals give birth to their babies in the spring, because they need fresh grass, high temperature etc for their feeding of the small creatures.

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    The birthing season for lambs happens to be the spring. This has to do with the environment wild sheep developed in and the needs of growing babies. A stork flutters along within a bundle of baby lamb in the spring, and this is the time when there's enough grass for the mother sheep to feed herself with and produce milk. As the lamb gets older, the natural food supply increases, and it can drink milk and start munching away through the summer and into the autumn. Assuming nothing untoward intervenes, such as being mugged by a wolf, the lamb has time to build up food reserves so as to help it through the hard times of the winter.

    Imagine the stork arriving in autumn. The food supply is growing scarcer. The little lamb will be growing up at a time of the year when it can't build up supplies in its body. Winter comes and the lamb would be magically transformed into a dead duck.

    While not all the above is literally meant, I hope it conveys the general idea.

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    Mother nature (and now the sheep farmers) will make the sheep want to mate in the autumn, and the gestation period means that the lambs are born in spring.

    This is common in many animals, and allows the young to have several months of warmer weather and abundant food while they are growing. Once they've grown larger and put on some fat reserves over the summer, they've got the chance to survive the winter. If they were born in Autumn, there would be less food available (the grass doesn't grow in winter) while they were growing.

    If the animal has say 12 months gestation period (maybe a cow at a guess), it will have a natural desire to mate in the spring, so that the baby is born the following spring.

    Birds have a desire to make a nest and mate to lay eggs in the spring, because the gestation period of the eggs is only a few weeks.

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    Lambs In Spring

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  • Out here in the Dakotas the winters can be brutal, 20-30 below zero temps and even colder wind chills and blizzards that can snow bound you for a week.These conditions are not ideal for lambing Winter, as these conditions can kill newborns in a heartbeat. Autumn is too close to Winter to lamb, and it doesn't give them enough time to grow strong enough to survive. It's better to have them in the Spring (last part of April first part of May) because the threat of severe winter weather has passed and it's no fun lambing in subzero weather at 4 am in the morning.

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    Because the rams are only allowed to mix with the ewes at a certain time of the year - so that the lambs will be born in the spring and the milder weather helps the survival rate.

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    Katbyrd41 is right regards the warmth for feed etc. It is the most economical way to raise lambs for meat,the grass being realtively cheap as opposed to lambing in the middle of winter and having to feed the ewe and lamb on dry feedstuffs. However some farmers that are breeding sheep for breeding as opposed to fat lambs do lamb earlier,often from late December. This is partly if the farmer wants to show the breeding ewe and lamb but also if they want to breed the female lamb in the following autumn,it will have had more time to grow before it is bred from.

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    Ewes estrus is synchronized by hormones . They come on heat five months before spring (i don't know what season where you are). Then mated become pregnant and give birth in spring time when there is plenty of green grasses for ewes to produce enough milk for their lambs.

    In Africa we practice natural synchronization, without using hormones, by keeping the herd of ewes free of males or tying the prepuce of the male so as not to mount the ewe. During February males are aloud to mount females to become pregnant and give birth in Autumn (July) for the same reason.

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    The ewe's come into season before spring, and they get a ramming, for spring

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    I don't see lambs being born at all.

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