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check out my top 100 games list?

some of the new games are not included specialy call of duty 4 as it is an insult to the previous call of dutys

1.The legand of zelda Ocorina of time


3.Sonic the hedgehog

4.Half life + oposing force

5.Resident evil 4 (wii edition also)

6.Resident evil 2

7.Halo of duty and United offensive (pc)

9.Metroid prime

10.The elder scrolls 4 oblivion


12.Metal gear

13.silent hill

14.Max payne

15.Deus Ex and invisable war (theres no contest)


17.mario bros

18.Super Mario World

19.mario bros 3

20.Super metroid


22.World of warcraft

23.Gears of war

24.Resident evil

25.Bio shock

26.The legand of zelda twilight princess

27.crash bandicoot 2

28.mega man 2

29.Warcrft 3

30.Devil May Cry 3

31.super Mario 64

32.The legand of Zelda :The Minish Cap

33.Burnout 3 Takedown

34.Eternal darkness

35.Perfect dark

36.Donkey kong country

37.Rocket Knight Adventures

38.Fear extraction point

39. Devil May Cry

40.Pokemon red/blue

41.MOH allied assult

42.Super smash bros melle

43.Alien Vs Predator 2

44.Sonic 2 (MD)

45.sonic/sonic and knuckles

46.Comand and conquer red alert

47.Jak and Daxter 2

48.Ratchet and Clank 3

49.The Legand of Zelda : Links awakening

50.Return To Castle Wolfenstein

51.Super Mario Kart (snes)

52.Sonic 3 of duty 3

54.Company of heroes opposing fronts

55.mortal kombat

56.Max payne 2

57.the chronicles of reddick escape from butcher bay

58.Metroid echos


60.Unreal 2004


62.Super R-type


64.x-wing Vs tie fighter

65.revenge of shinobi

66.command and conquer Red Alert 2 (yuris Revenge)

67.Star fox Lylat wars

68.Halo 2

69.Golden sun

70.Micky mouse castle of illustion


72.Alone in the dark 3 (ps)

73.command and conquer 3 fox adventures

75. Hit man 2 wars dark forces

77.Counter strike source

78.unreal 2 (pc)

79.Everquest 2

80.Doom 3 (pc)

81.Tekken Tag Tournement

82.Quake 4


84.Sonic rush (DS)

85.Dungeon keeper

86.The legand of zelda

87.Star wars Jedi knights 2: Jedi outcast

88. Splinter cell


90.Wolfenstien 3d

91.Sonic Adventure Battle 2

92.Metal arms

93.baulders gate 2 (pc)

94.FF X

95.James pond robocod (amiga)

96.The legand of zelda wind waker

97.legacy of kane defiance (xbox)

98. Spyro the dragon

99. Kameo

100. soul calibur 2

101. Kingdom hearts

102. Resident evil zero

103. sonic 2 (ms)

104. Doom 3 &ressurection of evil

105. jak and daxter

106. Painkiller

107. Super mario sunshine

108. Crash 3

109. GTA san andreas

110. super mario the lost levels

111. Theme park

112. Sonic and the secret rings

113. Silent hill 3

114. Gran turismo

115. Rainbow 6 vegas

116. The darkness

117. Metal slug X

118. mega man x2

119. Project gotham 2

120. micro machines

121. Metal gear: sons of liberty

122. Resident evil remake (GC)

123. Sonic adventure battle (DC)

124. Mario kart DS

125. Perfect dark zero

126. F-zero

127. Quake 2

128. super smash bros

129. Yoishi`s island DS

130. Dead rising

131. Afterburner

132.GTA 3

133. resident evil code veronica x

134. Body harvest

135.Toe jam and earl

136. croc

137. half life 2

138. Super wario world

139.Dragon ball Z boudokai 3

140. Paper mario and the thousand year old door

141. F-zero GX

142. Worms armageddon

143. Driver

144. sonic advance 2

145. Mario superstar saga

146. Nuclear strike

147. Super mario and the six golden coins

148. the legand of zelda oracle of ages & oracle of seasons

149. Ninja giden (origonal)

150.. medal of honour Airborne

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    This is a pretty good list you compiled, You seems to invested lot of work went into compiling this list. You deserve a star, keep up the good work!

    Here are the games that I played that is in your list:

    (1) Sonic the hedgehog

    (2) Resident evil 2

    (3) Halo

    (4) Resident evil

    (5) Bio shock

    (6) Alien Vs Predator 2

    (7) Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 (Yuri's Revenge)

    (8) Command and Conquer 3

    (9) Mario kart DS

    You can think about adding in Trauma center: Under The Knife and Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.

    Source(s): A video game lover.
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  • 1 decade ago

    No wip3out or gran tourismo 2? Ha ha toe jam+ earl, haven't played that in a while. good to See r type in there and a command and conquer game. Must of took you ages, a real video game fan!

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  • george
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    1 decade ago

    I mostly agree ,, apart from the 1st 4, and you're right, COD 4 sucks.

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  • 1 decade ago

    wow you play a lot of video games, i like zelda twilight princess(for wii) a lot... i noticed you had it.

    i'm too lazy to read all of it but nicee..

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  • 1 decade ago

    halo 2 is better than halo 1 and were is turok(original, ps2)

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  • 1 decade ago

    lolz this is my list too altho this list needs a series overhaul which im sure we'll get around too

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lol. you must have been bord. Zelda is a wicked game tho. x

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