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Why do people drive around with those "Baby on board" things on their car?

I mean, who CARES? I would care more is they had an Alien or rare exotic animal on board.... but who cares if the car has a baby on board? What is the point of those things? Its not like you drive any different if you see the car in front of you with a "baby on board" sticker hanging on the back window is it? I don't get it!


Cat - you are rude and actually I DO park in disabled spaces because I am ALLOWED TO. I have a disabled badge which is MINE. What is your problem?

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    lol i find this funny

    i think people think that this sign will be a way to slow people down behind them but it dunt work. i actually drove past a car with one of them in once and there wasn't even a baby in there! idiots lol!

    but i also live in norwich so i saw a car with one of them things showing a norwich football player peeing on a ipswich shirt lol

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    They are indeed supposed to be for alerting emergency services that there is a baby in the vehicle, so it isn't missed while dealing with an accident. Unfortunately 90% of drivers are too thick to understand this and leave the sign up even when junior isn't there, thus wasting the time of rescuers in looking for an non-existant infant.

    I can tell you there's nothing as heart-sinking as turning up to an accident where the adult occupant is unconscious and unable to talk to you and finding one of those signs so you frantically search all through, round and under the car looking for the little one . . .

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    It's nothing to do with showing other drivers, it's so that the fire brigade or ambulance service know to look for the child if the car is in a crash and is mangled. Otherwise, they might just assume there were only adults aboard, and might mistakenly miss the baby when getting everyone out of the car.

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    Many things can be understood only with the experience. Like smell can't e seen but experienced thro nose, flow of cool air or breeze is experienced , good music liked by years is exprienced - so , to the significance of "BABY ON BOARD" when you have the motherhood and driving with your baby, you will be able to understand the significance . Of course WHO CARES " is the quotation of person not connected to any emotional forces, but definitely being taken care by the person who have gone across the problem and they help others when they need the help for the baby.

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    Because in accidents bodies get thrown out of cars, trapped in cars, crushed in cars.

    Babies bodies are harder to find than adults and are easily missed.

    The Baby On Board stickers make the rescue services aware of the fact that they could be looking for small bodies.


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    Do you have any stickers in your car, any personalisation ?. I think you are been rude and obviously have no regards for any other drivers. But you will be the first to take notice of a boy racer car with extras attached which make the car dangerous and pathetic looking.

    Any sign that displays disabled or children as passengers are a good idea. I know when a car is parked up with a sign in not to block their doors, or boot. Also to be more wary when they have pulled up at side of me, as a child might run out.

    Its also to make inconsiderate drivers like yourself aware of their surroundings.

    I bet your a driver that uses disabled and parent and child spaces at a supermarket when you don't need to.

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    Hi you have answered you own question that you would not drive any differently but some people may be inclined to take more care. Lets hope that you are a good driver.


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    I think it's so the other drivers would be more careful when driving. So they will know that if they will crash into that car with the baby on board as well as the parents the baby might get hurt too.

    well, that's what I think its for anyway.

    Hope you get what I mean


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    I prefer to display a Class I Explosives hazmat sticker - fewer tailgaters.

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    The signs refer to the maturity of the driver.

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