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2 Questions in One! Wow Wow!?

#1 - Last week was the start of term 2 for me.

My friend (female) was away for the first week, so I've become real good friends with a friend of hers (male) who normally hangs around with us, but I've never really been as good friends with him as we are now.

All 3 of us went down the street and ate chips etc. at a park and he started off sitting nect to her then walked off for awhile to do stupid things on the play ground, and came back and sat with me.

Anyways, I think she's mad at me for some reason. But I don't know why? Maybe it's because I've become friends with this guy that she is good friends with too?


#2 - I also think that this same guy likes me, I know he likes some other girl and he knows I like another guy, We tell each other everything!

But His only really propperly known me for a week, and he tells me his getting me a Birthday Present for this week! Do guys normally get girls Gifts for B'Days even though they've only known each othe for 2 weeks?



P.S. I never tell ANYONE about my Birthsay, I think it's sweet he even know's when it is! That's better than friends I've known for years.

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    Your friend is annoyed because she wants him. Sounds like he does like you, and you wouldn't be asking this question if you didn't like him.

    Just play it cool. Get to know him a little. I think something is going to happen with you two. Guys get b-day gifts for girls after a week of knowing them when they are interested and trying to show it. Go with the flow

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    #1 well i think your friend is sorta mad at you cause she may like him more then a friend. all though she has never told you so you may need ask her whats up and if she likes that guy ....

    #2 i think this guy friend of yours is starting to like you .. on a count of he tells you everything and you've only known him for a week . and he's getting you a birthday gift. which is very polite and sweet of him !

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    I would If I thought that I might have a chance at a good relationship with that girl, soooo, YEA

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    nothing wrong in getting a gift, if it's a friendly gesture,depends on the gift though. i suggest you confide to your female friend, she knows him better.

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    yes he's your friend and it's your birthday

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    u r a jerk

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