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LCD or Plasma TV?

Thinking of getting a new tv, I did some research but its very contradicting. Some websites say LCD TV is better others say Plasma Tvs are better... any advice??

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    A Sears sale associate will tell you that if something goes wrong with a plasma TV you must throw it out because:

    1) The buying public is so gullible,

    2) The margins are better on LCD TVs (they are priced higher and the store makes more money).

    3) Their sales commissions are skewed towards LCD TVs.

    4) Sears' management tells its sales associates to push LCD TVs over plasma TVs!!!!

    5)Their training materials skew their sales associates to push LCD TVs.

    Here are the facts:

    1) Plasma TVs have better blacks;

    2) Plasma TVs have better color;

    3) Plasma TVs have faster/smoother motion (NO LCD motion blur or costly/complex compensation circuitry that does not work; best LCDs 120 hz; best plasmas 480 hz);

    4) 2008 Panasonic plasma TVs have higher viewing contrasts than most LCD TVs;

    5) 2008 Panasonic plasma TVs have less reflections & glare than the Samsung LCD models 65f, 71f, A550 & A650 and no more than a Sony XBR or V3000 LCD TV;

    6) LCD TVs lose color accuracy & brightness as they age (plasma TVs only lose brightness);

    7) LCD pixels can fail with age & use (plasma pixels do not fail with age);

    8) Most LCD TV manufacturers accept a limited number of dead pixels on their new TVs as normal, not covered by warranty;

    9) LCD TVs have smaller viewing angles; colors will wash out or brightness will dim as you move off center;

    10) Plasma TVs do not have light bulbs that must be replaced during the life of the TV;

    11) Panasonic's 2008 plasma TVs are rated at 100,000 hours (the best LCD TVs are only rated to 60,000 hours). Consumer Reports states that there is no difference in longevity of LCDs versus plasma TVs;

    12) Panasonic's TVs have been rated the most reliable TVs by Consumer Reports;

    13) Neither a plasma screen nor LCD screen can be repaired;

    14) The soft plastic LCD screens are fragile and are more susceptible to scratches or impact damage;

    15) LCD TVs can suffer from image retention too;

    16) The 2008 Panasonic plasma TVs are rated to 9,100 foot elevations;

    16) You get more TV for the money with a plasma TV than an LCD TV.

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    Good Plasmas have better blacks and deeper colors but are priced a little more than LCD's. They reflect light from the screen if the TV is watched in a lighted room. Top of the line LCD's from Sony's XBR line or the newer Samsung provide a picture almost as good as the better Plasmas and light in a room is not a problem. If your going with a screen size 42 inch or smaller, I'd probably go with a LCD. Going with a large screen size of 50 inch or above I would seriously look at the LCD and the Plasma for a side by side comparisons. Find them both in your price range, then do a comparison for the best overall picture.

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    They are all good tv's, it's your own personal usage that will dictate what's better. Go to a retail store and demo the product and spend at less 15 minutes each on each one and write the pro's and con's. Here's a few facts, Pioneer Elite plasma is the best TV in the market, but the price for a 50" is in the $5,000 range. LCD and LED suffers from motion blurnes on fast action sports, 120 HZ and 240 HZ does minimize the problem but also comes at a higher price. LED price is higher than the LCD. LCD and LED does consume less energy but not noticeable if you don't watch tv more than 5 hours a day. TV's displayed at retail store are adjusted to the max for better picture due to the amount of light in the store. Go online to Home Theater Magazine and read reviews on Plasma, LCD and soon LED. I personnal have 2 Plasma TV's in my home and no complain at all. High definition or full high def. 720P or 1080P, you won't be able to tell the difference on tv screen small than 46" and the 1080P is at extra cost. Blue Ray disc movies are the only source of 1080P in the market now. If you watch alot of movies (dvd or Blue ray) and watch sports the Plasma tv is better, LCD is better if you use it to play games from your computer or games console. Your own eyes are the best judge.

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    Plasma is a better picture overall but has major drawbacks. If you pause a DVD etc, it will burn the image into your screen (which you can never remove). Also if your sofa isn't directly infront of the TV (eg on an angle), its hard to make out detail so you need your sofa always to be parallel to the TV. Also plasma doesn't last as long as LCD and its more expensive.

    LCD is the opposite to all of the above arguement but doesn't have as good an original picture as plasma.

    Personally, I bought the LCD.

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    LCD year already have a plasma

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    The store told us that if something goes wrong with a plasma tv you got to throw it out. LCD tvs are great have a great picture and are reasonally priced.

    Source(s): a sears store. We own a lcd tv
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    Plasmas are nothing but bigger and flashier, but the quality is NOT better overall. I work in an electronics shop and have seen so many plasma TV's go to waste (engine died, power supply died, etc). If I were you, I would go for an LCD, much better picture and just overall better quality. Samsung and Sony are quite good brands, a little more expensive but better quality. Now is a great time to buy one too because the stores are getting rid of all the older (1-2yrs old) models for close to nothing because all the newer (bigger,thinner,lighter) models are soon to be put up. Good luck.

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    It use to be that although plasmas were bigger they didn't look as good. Now LCD have become so large I would definitely buy LCD if you can find a good price.

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    depends on if your gonna be paying for HD channels....Plasma is generally better with HD...but for all around quality and still a very sick picture reguardless of HD or not you should get a LCD...I have both and love both....Plasma give you that feeling of oh thats a so sick....but i feel you can get the same effect with LCD and probably for alot less

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    lcd yer already have a plasma

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