did bill gates steal any technology from apple?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    He stole:

    DOS from that little programmer

    GUI from Apple

    Icon concept from Apple

    Mouse concept from Xerox

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    did bill gates steal any technology from apple?

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    No Apple actually split into 2 divisions Apple bieng the original was run by Bill Gates before he founded Microsoft and Apple Mac Bieng the new Side of Apple was run by Steve Jobs (Apple president and founder) he ran Apple Mac as a hostile company to Apple and finally got control back after Bill gates founded Microsoft about what was Stolen just rumours

  • Xyso
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    1 decade ago

    Proably not a lot from Apple, but a TON of stuff from Unix.

    Any Linux user today can tell you that the world famous "Aero Glass" feature on Vista has been available on Linux for at least two years, It's called Ruby and Beryl. In fact, it's way cooler than Aero, which makes you be able to see through an opened window a little bit, especially at the title bar area. (whoopety doo!) With Ruby and Beryl you can not only see through it, you can grab a window and shake it with the mouse and it jiggles like Jello. When you minimize it, it kind of wiggles, wraps up, then zips down to the taskbar.

    Also, where in Vista you can point at a minimized program on the taskbar and it shows a little preview of what the page is, Linux has been able to do that for years.

    Security wise, you can encrypt all your files in Vista or XP and then browse to it from a computer with Linux installed and there's all the files, bare naked in all their glory!

    Last but not least whereas Vista Ultimate is $400. XP still hovering around $100, any version of Linux is absolutely free, in two ways, it doesn't cost anything, and you're free to modify or change or sell the programs any way you see fit. (I use Ubuntu)

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  • 7 years ago

    actually bill gates did steal from apple if you watched the Ceo of apple's movie it clearly shows you that bill gates stole some of his data of programs and not only that some of the time of the movie you can actually hear him yelling on the phone to bill gates but of course the main reason why he couldn't sue bill gates was because of some idiots who kick him out by the time he got back bill gates had enough time to get rid of every evidence that he stole from apple.

  • No, Bill Gates did not steal anything from apple. Apple on the other hand, Was wanting to steal some registered trademarks on Vista For there new OS.

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    To answer the original question...

    No. Gates did not steal from Apple.

    To reply and correct SICARIUS's answer...

    - DOS: MS bought the rights for Tim Paterson's QDOS for $50,000... How's that stealing?

    - GUI and Icon: Part of the WIMP paragdim (Window-Icon-Menu-Pointing device) that was first introduced by Xerox... Everyone eventually followed that concept. How's that stealing?

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  • 1 decade ago

    I wouldn't have thought so. Technology stealing and sabatage are very serious offences, especially in the UK and the US. And anyway most stuff is patented long before it hits the market

    They might though, see some way of doing something easier and use it, but let's face we all do that and I wouldn't call that stealing. That's just making life easier! Your just annoyed because you didn't think of it first!

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  • 1 decade ago

    He probably went through the dumpster and got some of the rejected things that apple didn't want in its products.

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