5 Random Opinion Wrestling Questions?

1.) Which wrestler has the best theme song?

2.) Crippler Crossface or Ankle Lock?

3.) WWE or TNA

4.) Which wrestler deserves a push more? Matt Hardy or MVP.

5.) Your favorite wrestling maneuver of all time(Can be a finisher,signature move, I don't really care)

Here is mine

1.) CM Punk - Killswitch Engage - This Fire Burns

2.) Crippler Crossface

3.) WWE

4.) Matt Hardy

5.) VanDaminator... Kick@ss chair finisher

Now I don't want you to give me an answer, explain why you choose the answer you chose.

This is just to make sure you aren't kissing the askers @$$ (Me) and agreeing to get BA.

Ones who explain why the best in their answers will get BA.

22 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
    Favourite answer

    undertakers it may be slow and boring but it builds serious suspense is scary and everytime the lights go out and the bell tolls the crowd goes crazy

    ankle lock its easier to put pressure on can usually be easier to apply and the crossface is easier to counter you can to it by simply rolling over

    wwe;tna is still a relativly new company its wrestlers are still forming character although they have good matches phenominal talent there still just behind wwe but give them a few years and the wars will truly begin

    matt hardy simply because he has been in wwe for a long time and has never got a big one he has had seriously hardcore matches but dosent seem to be getting a lot of respect also mvp is really still a wwe rookie and is holding a title already

    styles clash its a great move done by a great wrestler its a good finisher for a quick paced match because it can be a reversal to a hurricranna it also gives aj time to taunt afterwards which is great for a heel and dosent have to be done when he is a face

    great questions starred

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  • Candle
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    1.) Which wrestler has the best theme song?

    A: I'm a big fan of Randy Orton's. It sets the mood for his character.

    2.) Crippler Crossface or Ankle Lock?

    A: Crossface. Although both moves can be caught nearly out of nowhere these days, the crossface just looks more effective

    3.) WWE or TNA

    A: Both have their weak and strong points. I'm a promotional rounder, I don't pick favorites.

    4.) Which wrestler deserves a push more? Matt Hardy or MVP.

    A: Matt Hardy. He's been with the company longest, and his push has been a long time coming.

    5.) Your favorite wrestling maneuver of all time(Can be a finisher,signature move, I don't really care)

    A: Koji Clutch...just such an awesome submission. Either that, or Curt Hennig's seated rolling neckbreaker. I'm also a fan of any Reverse STO variation, dating back to the Downward Spiral and the Flatliner.

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  • 1) Triple H ..... The Game by Motorhead, actually Motorhead has had a few good theme songs. The Game is the standout

    2) Crippler Crossface .... Way better submission move than the ankle lock.

    3) WWE ..... TNA just isnt ready to compete with the WWE

    4) MVP ...... The guy is a great wrestler, has tons of charisma and has improved his mic skills. Would be a great Heel in a main event position.

    5) The DDT (Jake Robert's Finisher) ..... The best finisher of all time.

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  • 1 decade ago

    OK here is what I think

    1. punks ok but not the best it has to be Stone Colds Disturbed glass shatter. it just seemed so much like Stone Cold like a bad @ss song!

    2. I will agree With you on that one. the crossface is applied to the head area you could brake someones noise and make them pop a blood vessel because it limits the amount of air to the brain

    3. at the moment it would have to be WWE now if TNA can get a 4 side ring and more superstars then maybe! WWE has more better superstars and has three shows!

    4. since MVP has already got a title I think Matt should get the push! he has not had a title for sometime now! he could always become the curserweight!

    5. the best finisiher I have two, the first was the Rock bottom cool and original, the 2nd would be Brock LEsnars F U. Cena just coped it!

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  • Marina
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    1. Hmmm..I'd have to say AJ Styles theme song currently, in the WWE its probably Chris Jericho's..

    2. Crippler Crossface, its better than the Ankle Lock in many ways..

    3. TNA, im more of a fan of TNA currently..they have better matches also which is good.

    4. MATT HARDY. No question about it. Matt has been in the WWE way longer than MVP, MVP doesnt deserve a push in my opinion. Matt is a way better wrestler than MVP and im just not a fan of MVP at all.

    5. Im a big fan of the Gringo Killer/Vertabreaker, The Unprettier, and The Lionsault. I also like Van Dam's Frog Splash. Out of all im more of a fan of the Unprettier. Vertabreaker second, Lionsault third.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    1. Solid match. Really just glad WWE gave up a PPV quality bout on free TV. I do have to give props to the writing staff, they're building Jeff Hardy up tremendously. Slowly but surely, Hardy's been pushed perfectly, not too overbearingly, yet enough to sustain good pops and a potential main event spot. 2. TNA is moving positive with some, negative with others. As always, the women's division has been a point of greatness for the company. The whole Christian vs. Kurt feud has been working for the most part, although they do need to decide on who's actually working the face role and who's working the heel, even if both men stay heels. However, there were also tons of run-ins during the PPV last night, and that really got old in a hurry. Plus, a lot of the matches were just plain poorly booked and throw together for little reason. Match quality ranged across the board, but the storylines are still very iffy. 3. The best of all time, Jumbo friggin' Tsuruta, is my favorite. Squashing people in Fire Pro Wrestling Returns with him is a pleasure of mine.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1) Triple H - The Game

    2) Crippler Crossface

    3) WWE, although TNA is entertaining

    4) MVP, he's closer to being a main-eventer then Matt

    5) The Spinebuster, dont know why, just love it

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  • 1 decade ago

    1) I think Randy Orton,Edge,Jeff Hardy, HBK And Triple H are just a few.

    Reason: They're energetic, and really get you hyped up about the match! Also,you never confuse them with another persons theme music! My personal fave though,is Maria's.Legs like that by ZebraHead. Just 'cos I like the song! lol!

    2) Crippler Crossface all the way! It maddens me that the WWE just refer to it as the Crossface now. That move rocked!

    3) WWE. World Wrestling Entertainment. Just that, entertaining!

    4) Matt. He's just back, and he has GREAT potential, and good technicality in the majority of his matches lately!

    5) Hmmmm.......Toughie! The pedigee is a good one! I know it's scripted, not fake,but surely it hurts being rammed into the mat like that, head first! And the Tombstone! Stone Cold Stunner as well, no explination needed!

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  • 1 decade ago

    1) This is not because I am a huge mark for Shawn Michaels, but come on, he's had his theme song for ages now and its still the best. D-generation X - Break It Down is also an amazingly sick song

    2) I like Ankle Lock, Crossface is cool but Ankle Lock is like used by Olympic wrestlers, its a very well-known maneuver

    3) WWE, TNA is nice once in a while, but come on, WWE has the majority of more talented wrestlers, their storylines are not dull and confusing and geez TNA's stars right now are just WWE rejects

    4) Matt Hardy, MVP is like what the longest reigning champion in WWE history? Step aside and let Matt Hardy get some light.

    5) Sweet Chin Music, ok now this is because I am a huge mark for HBK, but you gotta admit its legendary, gotta love HBK

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  • 1. My favorite current theme is Edge's Metalingus. All-time though, Keiji Muto's NWO Triumph mix in New Japan.

    2. Crippler Crossface.

    3. WWE, I guess. I like both.

    4. MVP has been able to remain healthier, but I think you could make a case for both (why not give them both a push to the main event?)

    5. Shining Wizard

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