Become pregnant fast.....?

Hello i am italian girl leaving in england and i want to become pregnant after abortion in dicember...... I have start to try from the next month after abortion but nothing. Well now i have see in internet on this link: overcome fertility and become pregnant. They give you like a natural cures so because im scare i like to ask if somebody have been doing that an i need the help about. thanks

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  • DippyD
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    1 decade ago
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    Why have you decided you want a baby now and didn't in December?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think you should maybe explain your reasons here why you had the abortion for people to understand. Was it for medical reasons? If not I'm afraid I agree with most peoples answers why have an abortion and then try for a baby straight after. There are a lot of people ttc here so perhaps you won't get much sympathy if you had an abortion voluntarily.

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    You need to give your body time to heal itself...whether this was an abortion or miscarriage. 3 months isn't that long to be trying. I would wait a few more months, let your body get back to normal, then start trying again.

    If nothing happens after a year, I would seek help from a specialist or start researching infertility.

    Stephanie :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    im hoping you do mean miscarraige not abortion

    you may want to buy a home ovulation prediction kit. you can but these at chemists. they measure your lutinsing hormones (LH). the day before you ovulate (produce an egg) the LH level rises. it is best to time intercourse the day after this. as this is when you are most fertile.

    if you do not have an LH rise. you may not be ovulating. go and see a doctor., he will be able to give you a drug to make you ovulate.

    if you are still struggling in 12-18months, go to your doctor and ask him to check your tubes.

    Please do not try yo get pregnant unless you have REALLY thought about this. I dont want to judge you like everyone does on QA, i just hope your motives are good.

    Source(s): I work at a fertility hospital
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    I don't understand...why have an abortion in December, just to start trying for a baby 1 month later? Are you going to have another abortion if you fall pregnant this time.

    I think you should reconsider and the reconsider AGAIN before you try to fall pregnant! If you aren't falling pregnant- it might be a reason for it!!

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    Source(s): The Infertility Cure
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    I agree with Schuutz, u shouldn't have had an arbotion in the first place. What u did was stupid. Well maybe u had ur reasons.(Still u were wrong, totally)

    Don't be too desperate just go with the flow and relax, it will happen on its own time.

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    Are you using the word abortion for miscarriage i hope so if that's the case your body will be ready when it's ready you can't rush it x

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    Maybe she means miscarriage. could you please tell us what you mean? The meaning of abortion in the USA means to end a pregnancy because you dont want a baby.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I really do think you should throw yourself off the top of a very tall building, and do the world a favour.

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