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A version of the name Jenny?

I'd like to name my daughter Jenny. This was my grandmothers name and I loved her very much. The trouble is, my sister has said that when she has a daughter of her own she's going to name her Jenny. So to keep things simple and to avoid my sister getting angry with me, I'd like to come up with a double name or a foreign version of the name Jenny. Does anyone have any ideas?


ok im really warming up to the idea of giving her jenny as a middle name now. i was thinking evelyn jenny or olivia jenny (someone suggested this). thanks for all the great suggestions :)

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    Genevieve? It's French

    Or you could try Jenna, Gina, Jan...

    Or just go for Jennifer and pick out a different abbreviation (Jen, Jenna...)

    You could always use Jenny as a middle name or double barrel name. These go well...












    Hope it helps

  • Did your grandmother not have a middle name?If she did you could maybe use that instead.Or why don't you use Jenny as your daughters middle name.

    At the end of the day if you don't get to call your daughter Jenny it will not make any difference to how much you loved your Grandmother so don't let this upset you at a time that should be the happiest of your life.

    Good luck with your baby :)

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    4 years ago

    I am not a fan of shortened forms of names unless they are nicknames. I feel that way people have more options when it comes to what they prefer to be called. I also like using my full name (Gillian) for professional purposes, whereas my family and close friends call me by a nickname (Jill). It also made my life a lot easier in school. Because my full name is so close to Gilligan and Gilligan's Island was still on in re-runs when I was little, I was teased A LOT as a kid. After dealing with it for a couple years, my parents alerted the school that I went by Jill at home and suddenly the teasing stopped! My nickname saved me from quite a bit of trouble. Now I embrace my full name, but as I said, my close friends and family still call me Jill. I always thought Rory was a full name and it wasn't until I was substitute teaching this year that I met a girl in kindergarten named Aurora who went by Rory. I also know a boy named Ruairi, pronounced pretty much the same way, but is a more traditional Irish full name (they Americanized the pronunciation, even though the mom is from Ireland). The whole nickname Rory is a fairly new idea I think. I had always thought (until this year) it was a full name.

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    Jenny is a diminutive of Jennifer. Why not whoever has their daughter second gets to give it as a middle name? Or even both of you use Jenny/ Jennifer as the middle name? The only other variant I can think of is Jenna - which is actually quite pretty.

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    'Jenny' is the diminutive of Jennifer.

    Why not call her Jennifer?

    1. First-come, first-served; tough luck to your sister for being last!

    2. The two girls will be cousins with their own, separate lives and their own friends. Does it matter that each will have a cousin with the same name?

    Just don't inflict some horrible invented name on the girl!

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    I agree with Tasha. My gran was Janet but got called Jenny. What about Gemma or Jenna

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    My Aunt named her daughter Jenna after my Aunt Jenny! So I like that idea

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    1 decade ago

    Jenifer and Jenna are two very obvious ones.

    According to this website names that sound similar are-




    Similar spelling are-



    Names with a similar meaning (white,fair,smooth)





    Also you could use Jenny for her middle name.

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    Hi what about Jennay jenny is a lovely name thats what i called my daughter funny enough Jenny was called after her grandmother as well

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    Not sure. Jenny comes from Guinevere, 'White Princess'. Perhaps if you have Welsh heritage you could try looking at names from there for inspiration.

    There is no French version of Jennifer.

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