My dream is to build/or buy a bar on a beach in australia with good surf, is this even possible?

i know it sounds a bit crazy, but my ultimate dream would to migrate to australia eventually, and buy some land next to a beach and build my own beach bar, surf shop. I love surfing and want to live and work near the sea with good surf. Im thinking of starting a carpentry apprentiship so i can move there and also build it (although i could buy property) im talking a long time in the future, its also stange because im just finishing a degree in animation.

Am i being realistic, or is this a feasible ambition? anyone have any any info on this kind of thing? or anything at all to say! cheers!


damn Norman J, you sound dumb.... think about stuff before you type man, it doesnt make sense. oh yea, and its more effective if you back up your opinions! cheers everyone else for the helpful comments, anyone have any more figures or statistics at hand?

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    Of course you can do that. Why not. If you had the money you could do it tomorrow.

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    Owning and running a bar on the beach is my dream too.

    We went to the Bahamas once and there was a bar on the beach in front of the hotel. I want one like that. I have lots of experience doing lots of things and I don't really want to work at any of them. I can use my experiences to talk to people while they drink the wonderful libations I would mix up for them. I just did a search of beach bars for sale and found one in Costa Rica that included a 3bedroom house to live in for $180,000. There were others more expensive in Spain and Mexico. Your dream is definitely possible. You may not even need the carpentry although it surely would come in handy. Just make sure your bar is out of the way at high tide.

    Good luck. Send us pictures of it when you get it.

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    When I saw the first line about your dream and the possible I say let me let you know that any thing is possible and you should work hard & go for it. But after I pull up the the hole peace & read it I changed my mine. You are not dreaming, you but you have got a night mare. Lesting to me and lesting

    very good!!! # 1, do you know if you can get land just like that

    on the beach in Australia? # 2 Do you know the Building Law

    in Australia?? # 3 Do you know how one go about getting a bar Lic. in Australia?? # 4 Do you know how long it will take you to Quote end of Quote start and finished that Carpentry

    apprentiship studys? and even if that comes

    true do you know if the same builbing papers from where you

    are coming from can be used in Australia for you to Build your

    ((drean House and your dream Bar??)) Yng man or young Lady I thing you could be having Night mare so come back down to earth and be real. Why don't you wate until you finished and degree in your Animation then you spend a while

    there and if you can do all those things and you like the place & the place likes you then you started to think and then start doing all you are talking or dreaming about???? You have a

    long, long way to go so get back down to earth and stay a wile OK.?? You ask for it & I have tryed to give you the fact so

    don't thing I am joking bec. I am not @ all and you should think

    about all I have said OK.??? OVER AND NOT OUT JUST RESTING.!!!!!

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    It would be a pity to waste all your studies, but if you do not have a job lined up you could do a lot worse then become a skilled carpenter..there is certainly work for them. if you have decided that you do not really want to pursue the career path you had in mind when you went to Uni, better realise it now rather than later..but finish the degree before moving on, it never hurts to have one and you don't want to give the impression of having been unable to finish it.

    Your ambition sounds reasonable enough to me, especially if you have a trade skill to fall back on if the going proves hard...and you will find it easier to get work anywhere in the world as a carpenter than as an animator, at least you will unless you are so gifted an animator that you will become famous in a few years or less.

    My advice..may as well give it to you as keep it to myself..finish your degree, enter onto your apprenticeship and then once you have got a couple of years experience under your tool-belt, emigrate to Australia and work for your dream there.

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    Paul Hogan had the same dream and brought or built the pub close to the beach at Byron Bay, NSW, but Paul's other reason for doing this was so he could eye off the girls in their bikini's. Another ideal spot is Port Douglas north of Cairns, Qld. Are you sure you will be able to separate the work and the surfing?.

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    Yeah, its possible, for sure. You will either have to earn, or borrow a lot of money first. If you're thinking right on the beach, like on the sand, then no, but a street back from the beach, there are lots of places like that, and you could make it happen.

    I think thats a great dream you have, and you should go for it!!

    Source(s): I live near the beach in Oz
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    5 years ago

    I have sent successfully chocolate bars from Australia to the Philippines. Your candy bars will be fine. If that is ok with the customs people of course which I think it is but I'm not certain. Seach Australian Customs rules.

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    I believe that this is a cool dream personally. Me i want to either go into being a privateer for the U.S government or something to do with helping others hard to decide. BUT if you want to do this then be all means go for it and keep going until that dream is fufilled. Good Luck. Cheers!

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    1 decade ago

    that sounds like an awsum dream, and it depends where you go... you would'nt really be able to buy anything in near syndey beaches unless you gotta boat load of money, but somewhere up north like sawtell or forster (NSW central coast) would be a heaps good place to set up... not as expensive to buy as in sydney or near major cities.. but it has good beaches, good people... and could really use a good beach bar.... good luck, hope your dream comes true

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    1 decade ago

    Good to see you are thinking about your future. Good luck. Go for it. Who knows I may be e mailing the next Donald Trump or Bill Gates

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