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Is there a website that you can view UK birth & marriage certificates online?

I've just started to try and research my family tree, and it seems that the easiest way to aquired information is from birth and marriage certificates. Obviously if you can view this information online, it would prevent a lot of expense.

Like I said I've only just started, and so any piece of advise would be great :)

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    No there isn't, this information is private and has NEVER been available for public viewing. You can order BMD certificates either from the register office where the life event was registered, or from http://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/

    but you can not view any such documents here on line in the UK.

    Source(s): Common sense and the DPA.
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    Source(s): Mantain your Relationship Alive http://enle.info/SaveYourMarriage
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    I don't believe that England has any of these records online. Some of the parish records may be available but it is a hit or miss project. You need to take the information from the index and request the records from the approriate county or city registry and pay the fee for a copy to be provided to you.

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    get as much information as you can from family members, try freebmd, their records start at 1837, or try www.familysearch.org, there records go a long way back. When you find the persons you are looking for, it will tell you where the records are stored, lots of my family came from Gloucester and no one knew that because there is no one left alive to ask. good luck

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    scotlandspeople.gov costs £6 for 30 credits to view Scots records from 1556 to 2006.

    1901census.nationalarchives.gov.uk has English and Welsh records from 1841 onwards costing £5 for 500 credits or freebmd.org.uk

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    No certificates are available online yet.

    I have read that the ONS are thinking of putting certificates online, but there will be a charge for viewing them.

    As you have only just started, you will be looking for fairly recent dates etc.

    The only way at the moment is to purchase only the certificates that you really need.

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    No just the index's of Birth Death and Marriage's, follow the link below.

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    Yes there are a few but i can't remember the names

    However you do have to pay to view the cirtificates. You can also get copies sent out to you which i think is about £7

    Source(s): Neighbour traced family tree
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    Yes there is, but the government only allow you to view those that are more than 100 years old.

    To see yours and your family you need to go to the registry office in person.

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    findmypast.com is ok and you can get to see birth and death register but you will have to pay i'm afraid.

    you can register for free on this site and take it from there, good luck.

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