What are your thoughts on global climate change?

Do you believe the UN that humans are ultimately responsible for destroying the delicate balance of the world's climate? Or do you think that global climate change is a natural phenomenon and human impact is little if any?

Humans have a large effect on environments locally, and obviously large companies dumping waste causes environmental damage. But as far as I can see, the global changes that we are seeing are way beyond human control.

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    No we are not responsible for climate change. I don't think we caused the last ice age and the next change won't be our fault either. As for local effects the large conglomerates all try and kid us they are environmentally friendly but the ugly effects are only moved to third world countries where we, don't either care or we delude ourselves they don't happen. Whole communities are being wiped out in these countries. In fact i know of one company who prides itself on running the safest systems in the world for its workers but outside the boundaries of the industrial plants people are dying or have to relocate to survive. Green bio fuels is another big con. Where do they grow them. By destroying rain forests or by replacing grain crops. I despair of the lies and the inevitable consequences if people don't wake up voice their concerns.

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    (ANS) Having seen a recent scientific documentary film showing the 30 year research project by a group of top 20 climatologists. Using data collected from hundreds of sources across the earth over 30 years and input into a Cray Super computer in the USA. The results showed x3 graphs:-

    No.1 Graph A - natural climatic change that would have taken place without man kinds impact i.e. an increase in global temperatures by may be 1 or 2 degrees max over the next 100 -200 years.

    No.2 Global temperature changes due ONLY to human impact & increases in CO2 emissions, showing a steep temperature rise over the next 25 to 50 years i.e global warming.

    No.3 graph A with graph B subtracted showing un-contravertable evidence of man kinds impact on the planet showing a 3 to 4 degree rise.

    Conclusion:- 70% of climate change is due to man made emissions and only roughly 25-30% would be a natural long term climate change that would have happened anyway without humans.


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    Global climate change is a fact of nature. It was happening long before humans hit the scene. What I would like to know is, who is saying that the world climate has been perfect for the last 40? years and on what do they base that conclusion?

    As George Will has stated, " Was the world better off when Chicago was under a sheet of ice a mile thick?"

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    Change in climate is natural.

    Carbon Dioxide makes up only 0.036% of the Earth's atmosphere and the most co2 is created by other animals, volcanos produce more co2 than human associated things too.

    Ever watched a presentation by Al Gore? Snore.

    He talks a load of BS in my opinion.

    There have been many changes in climate and this is just another one.

    If what some people said about climate change was true then an industrial boom = change in climate (higher) however during the post WWII industrial boom the temperature actually decreased - climate rose however before this industrial boom.

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    While there are many competing theories on why such a drastic change in climate are taking place within the past 5-10 years, there is no arguing against what impact spewing millions of lbs a day of extra CO2 has on our environment.

    Our drastic changes could have to do with a coming "pole shift". We've had them in the past. For example take the Wooly Mammoth they found in the Arctic Circle with tropical fruits frozen in its stomach. This is evidence of a VERY sudden pole shift. One so fast that Animals didn't even have time to migrate. Some other evidence, like the cyclical nature of warm/cold cycles in recent winters might support the evidence for a coming pole shift.

    If we experience a pole shift in this day and age it will be nothing short of catyclismic. A pole shift would cause violent tectonic plate shifting, all sorts of violent wind phenomona, massive tidal waves and a host of other "apocolyptic" events ALL over the globe.

    Given the nature of earth's ability to purge itself of life, I find it hard to believe humans ALONE are causing ALL of this climate change. There is something else in play somewhere because now the scientists forecast models have become so wrong due to the fact that the melting of the polar ice caps and glaciers around the world have sped up so much in the past two years. We need to find out what is speeding all of this up. Is it solar activity? Is it wobble in the axis of the earth? There is an anomoly somewhere. They just have to figure out what it is.

    Edit: There seems to be a lot of people on here downplaying the significance of human impact on the earth's natural systems. I guess they must be thinking of indigen people of places like borneo and the amazon. They have NO impact. So, yes, there ARE humans who have no impact. However the vast majority of us use products which contribute to straight up pollution and contamination of the environment in certain areas. There is NO doubt this behavior is spreading throughout developing countries as much as it is here.

    The REAL problem humanity faces is population. While there are some cases, such as in China's case, where government policy dictates only one child per family. Which has created an environment which will cause a population implosion and subsequent industry suffering due to lack of man power. However, the vast majority of humanity has no such limitations. It is considered our God given right to reproduce as we see fit. This simply cannot go on if we hope to enjoy sustainability. If there is not a population correction in a major way we will continue down our current path of inevitable self destruction.

    Like I said before, the nature of the universe has special power in that it can, given the right circumstances, eliminate whole planets let alone a lowly race of sentient beings.

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    I think there is no global warming

    "....The United Nations World Meteorological Organization is reporting that global temperatures have not risen since 1998. That would be the same temperatures that models from the U.N.'s Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change said would be scorching the earth into an unlivable wasteland — except for those coastal areas flooded by seas gorged with water from melting ice sheets.

    Of course the IPCC spins the news...."

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    We are told the air over the anti-arctic is getting colder. They suggest we may be entering a period when the air is getting colder. While that may be true as a reflection of a change in weather patterns, it defies science to ignore the staggering increase in man made Greenhouse Gases.

    It is real. Global warming is real. Science knows there are enormous buffers between the warming processes and humanity, but we DO NOT understand those processes. Further, in the past, those processes did not kick in and stop the warming that occurred.


    We need, and very badly, the space program. We need, and very badly, every scientific study we can do to find out .how. what is happening, .is. happening.

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    Probably the biggest con trick since Piltdown Man.

    There is more proof, if that is the correct word, to bolster the argument that the earth goes through natural cycles of warming and cooling from the time before man started to use fire.

    Politicians use the sorry excuse of "global warming" to rip the taxpayers off with this levy and that levy. If they were really so concerned then the (in the UK) small amount of money charged for air travel should be in the hundreds of pounds - big vote loser.

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    It is the result of a natural cycle of climate change. The scaremongering is to fuel the huge industry that has grown up around global warming. I do believe we should reduce our reliance on chemicals particularly in the food chain, I also believe we need to research alternative solutions to waste disposal. I don't believe all the bullsh** about carbon footprints, etc.

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    I think global warming is a fact of life but I also think that there is little if anything we can do about it.

    Carbon emissions? I take the view that the air we breath would be better for our health if there were less in the atmosphere. Recycling? I take the view that it is a very sensible thing to do.

    Taxation? I believe the governments are using global warming to increase taxation for it's own sake

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