The power of prayer via the internet?

The power of prayer: it's real, it's huge.

So if a person came here to ask his friends to remember somebody .... oh, I don't know: say his mom just found out she's going to have open heart surgery in Louisiana.

Suppose this gay Cajun Christian came here to ask all his friends (Christians, atheists, agnostics, Catholics, protestants, pagans, etc) to say a prayer, send some positive vibes, light a candle, dance naked under the next new moon, just generally send some capital-L Light his mom's way ... would the collective spirit of his brothers and sisters in the religion and spirituality section go out as loving energy to his mom in a little nowhere-town called Iota, LA?

Just wondering, spiritually speaking....

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    I think so, but our positive vibes won't help unless you have faith that it is real. It works both ways, you have to believe in us and our positive energy while we believe our positive energy can make a difference. I don't know about the dance naked part....not because I am ashamed of being is just I don't think anything positive can come out of my poor dancing skills...

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    Absolutely! Prayer, and it's power has always kept-up with advances, speech, writing, congregating, telephone, television... Computers are no different. Hopefully, we use everything, all our gifts, talents, intelligence, and tools possible to reach out for prayer/meditation/the light when needed. This girl from Virginia is sending up positive spiritual thoughts your mother and your way. My family and friend will be also after our meeting tonight. Many blessings.

    And it only takes "...the faith of a grain of mustard seed.". I am a mountain of faith.

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    Prayer is about intention. If you make a conscious intention and send it out to the universe, it has an affect. The source of the request or the reason is works, there are documented cases...and I've had personal experience with this as well.

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    The gay Cajun Christian could count on his straight, Scotch-Irish sister in Christ in Alabama to pray for his mom.

    Answer--yes, the power of prayer is huge, even via the Internet.

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    Not sure if it would have any effect beyond making the gay Cajun Christian feel like he was supported by his cyber friends, but that has value.

    Suppose a certain maker of dairy products, sent his best to the mans mum and offered to be there in conversation if that cajun man needed support. I would hope that would have value also.

    Best wishes sent to your mum mate.

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    I believe in the power of prayer or good vibes, or whatever.

    There is power in many coming together for the good of one.

    I have been the recipient of that kind of power - and you KNOW when it's happening.

    The collective heart of many people can do great things.

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    That is what I do believe and count on. Even tho all the prayer did not stop the cancer from taking my husband, I believe it was the time to surrender to God, that little lamb was through with this earthly journey. Even tho many hearts are shattered, we must continue our journey. But every time there is a prayer request I do it. I try to acknowledge to "God I understand His will be done.

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    The wonderful thing about God is that he is not limited to time or space...

    I prayed for my son when he was in China, I pray for my friends in Idaho...

    The prayer across the world is no less powerful than the one for the person across the room.

    Source(s): Dear Lord, Thank you for the love you have given to us. That love is without conditions, and never changing. And thank you that as our Creator you know us and all of our needs. We come before you asking for your healing spirit to touch Jon's mom, for your peace to be with her, Jon and all of her family and friends during this time. We ask that you would touch her with your spirit as you did with many in the Gospels, and guide the hands of those caring for her. May you be glorified in this time, that your care and love would be clearly seen. We love you and submit these things to you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
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    Spiritually speaking, I'd say: you got, Jonboy. Now sending vibes, light, prayers.

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    Prayer does not work, on internet or anywhere else. Research have been carried out many times. The result is always the same. Prayer has not effect. Basically, you cannot affect events by your prayer. Otherwise, we could use prayers to elect a government or get rid of a dictator.

    It is the skill of the human surgeon that will save your friends mum.

    Of course, we'll share the hope and wish of your friend that everything works out fine.

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