cat owners advice please?

Hi i have a problem with cats at my workshop they are basically

peeing under the protective sheeting i have that covers my steel i am a welder & engineer and all my steel stock is under large viscuene outside the workshop i also have other industrial items under cover and it all stinks of cat pee the steel is used every day

and in the morning the stench is there and i am getting really fed up with this i cant wash all the steel down as it will rust so i just have to leave all the sheeting off most of the day so the stink will go but if the rain clouds appear its covered over

Rather than wait with a gun and shoot the damn cats or get a pit bull on a long rope i am hoping for some good answers to this problem the thing is the sheeting is open to the elements so any powders will just blow away and i cant store the steel indoors for the room it will take up

any help will be great

i will list this later tonight to see what others will answer



thanks for the answers up to now regarding hurting the cats i wouldnt do anything like that i am a massive animal lover believe me its just i get pissed off every morning with this stench i sometimes feel like that but i would never do harm to one

i even threw the sheeting away and got fresh i know its not foxes its cats i have seen them i think its the tom that does this i dont know

i cant raise the steel any higher from the floor due to safety issue and it takes ages to sheet up in windy weather and the rain aint no fun either no one else has this problem only me

if i put cat litter trays down wont this just bring more cats round or make this a regular piddling place i just want them to stay away i have sprayed watered down bleach over the plastic sheeting to get rid of the pong even used disinfectants but the wind soon takes that away and the cat pee stink never goes

maybe the military or police should use cat pee in a spray to move people on i know it would shift me

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    You can buy a bottle of green gel called GET OFF that stops cats peeing around your garden and house, it might help you here as it won't blow away as its gel crystals, its available from Morrisons, most pet stores and you can get it in the Pound shop if you are in the UK. It comes in small and large bottles.

    It worked for my mother who had a huge tom cat peeing on her ourdoor stairs everyday.

    Hope this helps

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    Cats tend to pick a spot to "go", and it becomes a habit. The thing is, once the urine smell is on the ground and around the steel, the cats come back because they know that is their potty spot. It would be ideal if you could remove the urine from the area, and then divert the cats to a new spot either by putting out a sandbox with some of their urine already there, or by keeping a dog around the property. My other suggestions are to put tarps over the steel and outdoor items, and secure it down so cats cannot get in. You may want to try a device that emits a high pitch that frightens the cats away. I have not tried this, so I don't know how effective it is. You may want to try to find one with a money-back guarantee. This website is one example of such a product: Good luck!

  • Cat urine contains ammonia, so definitely do not use bleach or chlorine to clean the plastic sheeting. To those cats, this smells as if another cat has urinated there, which in turn encourages them to keep using that spot. Instead use a mix of biological (enzymatic) washing powder and warm water to hose down the sheets, rinse with cold water, and when dry, spray with surgical spirit.

    As for deterring the cats, could you set up a sprinkler or alarm system that is sensor activated? That way, any approaching cats would be scared off by a burst of water or a sudden loud noise.

    Prickler anti theft strips, can also be used to make places where intruder cats lurk less comfortable.

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    Hi there,

    Have you actually seen the cats peeing as we have very similar problems due to the foxes? The foxes have peed and worse all around the wheelie bins and it is quite disgusting.

    If you are sure it is cats PLEASE don't harm them as they belong to people who probably love them as much as I love mine and I would be devestated if someone harmed them.

    Is there any way that you could put your stock above ground slightly where you could have the protective sheets covering all around the stock and no way that the urine could get through? Other than that could you build a wire cage around it something like the cages gardeners use to protect their fruit? This would probably be the best thing and then the air can get to it but cats and foxes can't.

    I really hope you have some other answers to help you with this.

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    purina cat foods are awsome, tidy cat works well, but natural cat litters are supposed to be somehow healthier. Cats always scratch your furniture even with a post, but I have brought in a piece of fire wood in the winter and had some success, Toys are different depending on your cat. Get a reflective collar just in case kitty escapes, and have her chipped. Letting an indoor cat outside while you are out with them working on the lawn etc, can be very healthy for kitty. And the best cat hair removal systems include (but are not limited to) a spray bottle of your favorite liquid fabric softner diluted appropriately to spray directly on rugs and furniture before wiping dry, and brushing off the hair, roller tape, pet hair sponge, and the bissel pet hair remover or healthy home vacuum with the pet hair wands. IF kitty pees in the house you MUST get enzymatic cleaners, The sooner you clean up the better and limit temptations by closing closet doors and bedroom doors (if there is carpet) and keeping large potted plants up off the floor..:)

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    check around your area to see if there are any rescue groups that trap cats. Many will trap, fix and release. Just make sure to let them know that they need to be released someplace else. We have a number of them here that will perform this for the safety of the cats often at no charge. It is nice though if you give a donation any way. Please don't kill the cats, there are alternatives.

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    If these are stray cats, call animal control, in your area, and they should bring out some "humane" traps, bait them, and pick up the "captured" strays. urine on metal will rust / corrode it. I know, because my male sprayed my bed frames (covered by bed skirt). When I removed the skirt to wash it.........flakes of rust on the floor and rusty bedrails!!

    Water is NOT THE WORST thing that can happen to steel, or metal of any kind...........or leather!!

    Been there............

    Source(s): 50+ yrs cats (12 indoor, currently) / "issues"
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    I read in a book that you can get a black garden hose, cut it up in strips, and lay them out under the cover. The cats will think they are black snakes and will stay away.

    Source(s): Haley's Hint book (2004)
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    put a litter tray under a bit of the sheeting and they should use it. also put a bit of chilli sauce around the steel,sounds strange but they wont go near it and will use the litter tray. the up side being i think you will agree, the smell of chilli sauce is a hell of alot nicer than cat pee.

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