Look at this shocking gas statistics! What can we do??

Gas prices are now averaging 3.13 per gallon up 75 cents from one yr ago.

Experts predict $ 4.00 per gallon by Spring

Home Heating oil costs have tripled since 2001.

5 big oil companies reported RECORD profits in 2007- Exxon Mobile earning 40.6 billion- THE LARGEST CORPORATE PROFIT IN AMERICAN HISTORY!

While many Americans are struggling in this horrible economy what can we do to make a change? It is not right that the big oil companies are making record profits while the American people can hardly keep their homes and fill up their tanks to work or go to school. Is there a short term fix to get relief?

Update 2:

Leif- Who are you to answer the question? Glad you are one of those senseless people that like wasting their money- I guess you are one of those adjustable rate mortgage victims too that is effecting the rest of the country.

Update 3:

MalClave- Wow! Thanks for the rant on how to ask a question here on Yahoo- looks like you have an impressive 8% of best answers. I don't think that I need your evaluation, but any time I can provide you with tips on how to ANSWER a question properly let me know. The question listed statistics not emotions. The source is also listed at the bottom of the question. Please take a refresher course in reading comprehension.

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    I feel the same as you. My family took a three day vacation last week. Gas cost us over $250.00 for the trip. That is as much as we paid for our hotel and more than we spent on entertainment. By the time we figured in fuel, several things we promised the kids we would do were just not in the budget. We drive a small SUV and can't afford to trade it for something more fuel efficient, (it is paid for). Also, you can't take a vacation with four people in a tiny car. Regular working class people can't afford vacations while big oil execs can afford their own private islands. The fact that oil companies are making record profits is gaulling to those of us who struggle just to get by. I just had to add this comment on Leif W's answer. Who am I to say the price you pay for gas is too high? I personally don't give a flying rat's a** if you write a big fat personal donation to your favorite oil company and deliver it with a wet, sloppy smooch. However I do care about myself and most of the people in this country having to struggle to pay exorbitant gas prices just so fabulously rich people can get even more fabulously rich. I usually don't say this, but that was a profoundly stupid answer and we all are dumber now having read it.

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    Hi Panda... Why would you need a shocking statistic on writing on the benefits of veganisim. this does not bode well for a good unbiased essay. If you needed to add a shocking statistic add it at the end and leave your listeners with some food for thought. If you were to write down all the statistics that the previous answerer's have given you your audience will have fallen asleep through boredom. Anyone can glean these type of statistics from Wiki a site that should be taken with a pinch of salt,as it is unregulated tosh most of the time and if that is where some people are getting their intelligence from then god help us. Just be yourself and give your own opinion with a few facts thrown in otherwise it will look like you have just copied from somewhere else, and will end up sounding like a fascist diatribe. Be natural and say what it does for you. So called shock tactics in an essay seldom if ever work whereas a well crafted well thought out and well written essay will. I hope this helps,all the best. Rab

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    Well, here in Canada, I have to pay $5 a gallon... But there are many groups out there with petitions and events to help this, so try getting involved and getting people informed. There are also events where people are asked to not buy gas on a specific date. This can lower the price of gas by 30 cents or more.

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    If everyone in the country, on the same day did not buy gas it would cost the big oil companies untold amounts of money and show them the consumer is the source of their hugh profits, and can also be the source of no profits. Demand up=prices up Demand down=prices down.

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    The way it looks now, we might be looking at more than $4.00 per gallon. We're now paying as much as $3.69.

    Cutting back on the sightseeing trips, Sunday drives will help. We'll just have to conserve until prices adjust downward again, or using public transportation might help...it's according to how far the commute, because even public transportation can be costly at times...the money used for the train for one day might as well be put into your own gas tank.

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    Forget the shor-term fix. You want to make a change, drive less, get a fuel efficient car, move closer to work, or work at home. The higher prices are needed to spur changes in lifestyle and development of new technologies. If prices weren't high, there would be gas shortages. You are free to invest in the oil companies if you'd like to share their profits.

    Prices are over $8/gallon in germany, btw.

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    Some things that I am doing. I stopped driving when I moved to Los Angeles. I take public transportation to get to and from work. You can access the schedules online for most agencies and you save money. I was also able to save on insurance as I knocked the coverage on my car down to collision from full coverage. I was paying $129.00 a month for full coverage and now I am only paying $50.00 a month. The bus also gives me time to read and sleep as I am usually tired when I get off work and I can also avoid the crazy Los Angeles drivers and traffic jams. On my off days, I ride my bicycle. In addition to not polluting the environment it has helped me get into great shape. Before I started riding, I weighed 180 pounds now I am down to 162. It is also a wonderful way to see the city.

    In my home, we keep the thermostat down and follow what my mom told me growing up (It's easier to put more clothes on than to take more off). We just put an extra blanket on the bed and it also helps having a warm body to cuddle up to :-). When it gets cold here, my wife and I have a great sex life.

    The price of oil will keep going up as long as there is a demand for it. If the demand decreases so will the price.

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    Well, first, you can put things into context.

    - Adjust prices for inflation, so we know just how much of a "real" increase there has been.

    - Instead of just mentioning "record profits," mention the percentage profits the oil companies make. That would be a better gauge, IMO, of whether there is a problem with their profit margin.

    Once you get that information, you can present the information (properly sourced, of course) for consideration, preferably without all the emotional language. I might well agree with you, but if you just write things like you do above, you just sound sensationalistic, and I can't really get worked up about it.

    Thanks for asking what you can do.

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    I know exactly what you mean. I tend to walk a lot more than I used to, and I don't make any additional side trips besides the things I need to do.

    Nobody really gives a rat's rear end about us, we don't influence corporate America at all. You only get heard if you have a lot of $$$.

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    So many things need reformed in our country. It doesn't make sense to me that companies who cover people for health insurance are profitable. That seems to me counterproductive. Of course you will limit access if you need to make a bottom line.

    Same thing with gas. Shareholders are making tons of money off of the backs of people like you and me where those kinds of statistical increases hurt us. Because unlike CEO's of companies getting annual raises of 10% or more most Americans are getting annual raises of between 3-7% and that is losing the battle of keeping up with rising costs.

    There are no easy answers unless as Americans we decide we are going to start suffering to make a point, by walking and turning off the thermostat.

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