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Is it possible to have one set of twins by two different men??

Follow me here.

To get pregnant the sperm has to reach the egg, and right when it goes into the egg the egg hardens over so that no more sperm can go into the egg.

The only way to get twins is

A. If 2 reach the egg at the same time.

Or B. if only one reaches the egg, it hardens, then it splits into

two. (Thats when you get identical twins.)

So...If a woman has sex with a white guy.

Then right when she gets done, she has sex with a black


And the white guys sperm are "Slow swimmers" and the black

guys are "Fast swimmers"

And one of the white guys, and one of the black guys

reaches the egg at the same time and both inter it at the

same time, then it hardens.

Does she have one white baby and one black baby?

Is it possible to have twins by two different fathers??

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    Yes and no.

    Is it possible to have indentical twins (one egg splits into two) by two different fathers.... NO. Once an egg is penetrated it hardens so no other sperm can fertilize it. In that RARE case where two sperm get there at the same time and manage to penetrate the same egg that embyro becomes chromosomally damaged and it will be unable to sustain life. The woman will get her period and never know what happened.

    Is it possible to have fraternal twins (two different eggs are ovulated) by two different fathers.... YES. A woman may ovulate two eggs in a cycle and if she has multiple partners while she is fertile it's possible that two different partners can each fertilize one of her eggs. In this case, the babies would be fraternal twins.

    Hope this helps.

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    This is not only possible, but has occured (more frequently than you would imagine).

    Identical twins would have the same father, as they are the result of one sperm meeting one egg and then it later divides.

    Fraternal twins, on the other hand, are the result of two eggs being released from the woman's ovaries and then being fertilized by two different sperm. If sperm from two different men were present, it would be possible for each egg to be fertilized by a different father.

    It does NOT have to occur as the result of having intercourse on the same night, either. Sperm live in the female body for up to five days, and an egg can survive for up to 24 hours after ovulation. Theoretically, you could have intercourse with someone on Monday and someone else on Saturday, and ovulate on Friday and conceive twins by two different fathers, from intercourse a week apart (even though you would ovulate the two eggs at roughly the same time).

    Source(s): Common sense and research Personal experience and opinion Mom of three!
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  • Kylie
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    I know this sounds far fetched, but it is possible - rare - but possible. I think there was an incident not to long ago that a woman gave birth to twins - 1 black, 1 white.

    The way this happens is if 2 eggs are released, and you sleep with 2 different guys pretty close to each other (like within a couple of days)

    I actually had twins because 2 eggs were released

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    You're right about the one egg splitting into two and wrong about two sperm reaching the egg at the same time.

    Identical twins are one fertilized egg that divides into two. In this case, they will have the same father.

    You don't get fraternal twins by 2 sperm reaching an egg at the same time- you get them by releasing two eggs. In this case, you can get two different fathers by one daddy sperm fertilizing one egg and the other daddy sperm fertilizing the second egg. So, yes, there would be two different fathers that way.

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    It is possible to carry to babies by different fathers at the same time.

    It is not possible for two sperm to enter one egg.

    Identical twins occur when one sperm enters the egg and then the ovum divides in two. These babies will both have the same father.

    The other way to have twins is for the mother to produce two or more eggs during ovulation and for each of these separate eggs to be fertilized by one sperm each. This produces fraternal (not identical) twins.

    It is from this situation that the possibility occurs to carry babies with different fathers.

    So yes it's possible to deliver babies of different race makeups from one pregnancy.

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  • honey
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    1 decade ago are wrong about how twins come about.

    An egg fertilised with 2 sperm would produce only 1 embryo that would most likely not survive, or would suffer from severe chromosomal abnormalities.

    Identical twins are produced when a fertilised egg splits into 2 groups of cells, each becoming a baby.

    Fraternal (non-identical twins) require 2 seperate eggs to be fertilised by a sperm each.

    Hence, you could become pregnant to 2 different men at the same time (with twins) if you slept with both men during a fertile time, and had ovulated twice (released two eggs).

    It has happened!

    You can also have a black baby or a white baby purely out of genetic throw backs (black or white ancestors genes coming back into play) black and one white baby....with exacty the same parents....genetic siblings.

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    It is possible only if they are fraternal twins because in fraternal twins, are when two fertilized eggs are implanted in the uterine wall at the same time.

    Among fraternal twins, in rare cases, the eggs are fertilized at different times with two or more acts of sexual intercourse, either within one menstrual cycle (superfecundation) or, even more rarely, later on in the pregnancy (superfetation). This can lead to the possibility of a woman carrying fraternal twins with different fathers (that is, half-siblings). This phenomenon is known as heteropaternal superfecundation.

    Fraternal twins from biracial couples can sometimes be mixed twins - which exhibit differing ethnic and racial features.

    Source(s): High School Biology
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    It's possible, but very rare. The woman has to ovulate 2 eggs though. Which does happen more often than you think. I don't think the same egg can split into a white baby and a black baby. LOL

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    Don't quote me on this cause I can't remember the source (some science channel program, I think), but I heard that the sperm swim on, but the rest of the seminal fluid thickens at the opening to the cervix and forms a hostile barrier that will actually work to keep out the next guys' sperm. So it seems unlikely to me. A better question though....what kind of std's are you going to catch with unsafe sex and multiple partners!?

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    yup its possible!! rare, but possible. it is not one egg that gets fertilized, that would be identical twins... It would have to be two separate eggs that get fertilized in order for this to happen.

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