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It took Jesus 40 days to fight the temptation of Satan. Today would we say he was fighting with his conscious?

Jesus saw a flaw in what his fellow Jews were believing in how to honor God

and went out in the desert to fight with his counscious so as to have a clear counscious to change that belief. He knew scripture and It said "I hate your burnt offing "and so on. By the way the Jewish nation hasn't been the same since and if you wanted to make the Jews hate you just say your the Son of God that did it.

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    I'd say, his believers.

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    could be- we don't know the form that the temptations came in, but we do know the propositions and they all were quite symbolic if you research.

    First temptation was to turn stones into bread. The irony is thick- the bread of life was starving in the desert. Jesus was tempted to end hunger through a miraculous technique. Maybe just maybe he could see the little faces of poor beggers in his town thriving for food, but Jesus came to give Bread of Life- two different things? Perhaps he could hear the bellies of the 35,000 children who go hungry today. Perhaps it was more political than we think.

    Either way Jesus said " People do not live on bread alone" and defeted the temptation.

    The second was in the desert was political power either way we look at it. The temptor showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and said " I will give you all thier authority and thir splendor; it has ben given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. IF you worship me, it will all be yours." Unsurprisingly, given the Jewish story, the temptation was to take power back from Rome. Just as Israel was tempted in 1 Samuel 8 To become like other nations and install a King. Jesus was tempted with a throne. The Devil used the title Son of God, raising a question of what kind of King Jesus woule be.

    For the third temptation, the Devil, prhaps as a televangelist or a campaign organizer suggested Jesus should stand on the pinnacle of the temple and throw himself off, knowing the angels wold leep him from harm. The temptation was to do something dpectacular so folks wold beleve and of all places, to do it in the center of the jewish world. He wasn't just overlooking a cliff to consider a stunt but was wrestling with the center of Israel's politics at the temple. And also the Devil departed from him " untill an opportune time" No doubt Jesus was tested for the rest of his life.

    I think its so interesting what and the exctint of all Jesus had to go through- people asume it was just him on the cross, but it was much more intense, and heavy.

    I wonder what look the Devil came as, a human, a serpent, a begger? Perhaps all of them :)

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    You have a misconception about the 40 days. Jesus went into the wilderness, praying and fasting. It wasn't until near the end of this time, possibly even the last day, that Satan came to tempt Him. This time was a time of preparation. Although Satan tempted Him, He saw through the reasons the devil gave Him to do certain things, and immediatey gve His answer. Satan was appealing to His human nature, not figuring on the divine nature which could not sin.

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    According to what I read he went into the desert and was there for 40 days.

    During this time the Devil Tempted him 3 times.

    It didn't take 40 days.

    You are changing the Gods word just like the snake did Eve.

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    Because Jesus pbuh needs to complete his mission in fighting the antichrist ... God has ordered him to do so. Muhammad + Jesus are both equally the best. All prophets are equal in greatness. But God has chosen Jesus pbuh to come back on earth to prove to the world that Jesus pbuh is not God and that he is here to fight the anti-christ.

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    Only the biblically illiterate would say 'He is fighting with his conscious.'

    And what in the thunder is all that stuff about Jesus and the Jews?

    first of all, are you talking about the tribe of Judah, the inhabitants of Judea, or those that say they are Jews but are not?

    the Jews that were impostors were the trouble makers!

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    sorry, today's christians are busy fighting off sleep to fight in computer games, also busy fighting off sleep to watch English premier football matches and once in 4-years world cup soccer

    go to a quiet place to pray, place your bets,

    they go to a quiet corner to catch 40 winks at half time, then watch 2nd half.

    place your bets !

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    no it did not take Jesus 40 days to fight temptation, temptation is not fought it is endured. now where did you obtain you reasoning John Hagee?

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    well, it shows that jesus is a man, he never claimed to be god or part of god. but he, himself is man..which is god's creation. so, no doubt!! jesus isn't god.

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    fight with being awake?

    Not sure what your trying to get at here bro.

    Try it again and this time proof read and make sure that what you've written is what you want to ask.

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    No, He was actually "fighting " with satan Himself.

    This is NOT a case of "SPLIT-PERSONALITY"!

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