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Dove or Pantene Pro-v?

To reduce frizziness, would you reccomend Dove or Pantene Pro-V?


Thank you so much everyone!

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    the best shampoo to reduce frizziness from the above choice is pantene pro-v (if you do not mind the fact the pantene tests on animals)

    however to reduce frizziness on my hair i spray after showering and towel-drying my hair (but the hair is still damp) i spray one spray of logistics leave in conditioner. It works wonders!!!!! no frizz no flyaways just smooth shinny tangle free hair! :D

    hope this helps

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like Pantene Pro-V. I've never tried Dove though.

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    Pantene Pro-v

  • Well Pantene tests their stuff on animals with Procter and Gamble. But I'd say Dove. =)

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    Neither. Pantene destroys your hair and Dove made my hair very frizzy. i recommend Tresseme Anti Breakage or garnier

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    1 decade ago

    DOVE ! after a while, pantene makes your hair very greasy..and it breaks your hair and gives you split ends. pantene doesnt work great for me, and dove always moisturizes my hair and makes it feel smooth !

    Source(s): personal experiences
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    For frizziness I'd suggest Dove, it's a bit more moisturizing... but I think if you have longer more unmanageable hair, I'd go with panteine. It also always just depends on the person. Try em both out maybe and see what you like!!

    The best thing I've ever had for frizzy hair, get some "silk drops" many companies make them. After the shower, just a pea size through your hair makes all the difference.

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    I hate Dove shampoos. The Pro-V has always worked better for frizzies.

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    I heard pantene pr-v is bad for your hair if you use it for a long time. I dont remember what the hair lady told me, but i think it was something about silicone.

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    I would recommend pantene pro-v

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