When the going gets tough Obama goes on vacation. Does this remind you of Pres. Bush?

Obama is vacationing after his scandal with his racist church . After the passport issue was brought up to deflect attention to this scandal didn't work because Clinton and McCain had also experienced this breach of privacy. He goes on vacation. Bush also retreated to his ranch or went on vacations to avoid issues and criticism. Is this what we have to look forward to IF he is elected?


Keep up the "weak" bashing Obama supporters- Please stop drinking the kool-aid!

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    So many things about him reminds me of Bush. I claim him to be the next Bush, but only in leftist format.

    He's a nobody. Bush did nothing in his dad's administration and was gov. of Texas, a very, hmm, let's stick with 'interesting' state. But he did a good job of tricking people.

    Obama has been in congress for less than a decade, yet he fools people into thinking he's capable of handling the #1 job in the world.

    Bush pulled people in on an agenda of religious righteousness and did nothing but attempt to constitutionally ban homosexuals from marrying each other. Obama has an agenda that he calls "change".

    Bush beat McCain and Kerry simply by being the preferable guy to "have a beer with" (yes, i can't tell you how many morons feel this way). No doubt about it, Barack Obama is the best public speaker to run for president for at least 3 or 4 elections.

    The list goes on. Point is they're very good at fooling young an naive voters (college/christian), as well as radicals (cowboys/"socialists"), into thinking they're someone they're not, and I'm pretty sure Obama is just as incompetent as this moron. And that's where the vacations come in.

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    The going has been tough every since his name hit the ballot to run for Presidency. So, NO. He's not taking a break because goings got tough. He took the break with his family because he DESERVES IT.

    Is he now going to be attacked, now, for taking three days off ?

    Give him a break... If you have to BASH, bash for something that's real and directly of him and not from something you've heard, out of the mouths of associate or family members that he knows or crossed paths with through this walk in his life.

    Judge yourself, and people in your own life, before judging him.

    If he's elected ???? Who would you rather...another Bush???

    Clinton has already been in the White House, so what she is proposing to do, could have been done, while she and her husband occupied the White House, as Bill was President.

    What were they doing? What did she do then, with her experience?

    The issues we're confronted with, as a nation , today, were in force during the time Bill Clinton held office. ..

    Vote for McCain, if you don't like Obama, or if you want Hillary, vote for her, but don't bash Obama for taking a break with his family. Did you work Easter Sunday?

    His break was taken as part of the Easter Holiday, which some people are still enjoying, even a few more days, off from their jobs.

    You want to take that away from him too? .. ...to each his own.

    Insofar as the passports, some are not fools and know that it was only Obama's passport information, snooped. ..an invasion of his privacy. The other crap about Hillary and McCain was just a ploy to make his supporters feel that he's not singled out which a lot of people know that he is. So only a few fell for that crap. We're talking 2008. Hillary's passport was reportedly opened by a trainee back in the 1990's...doesn't even compare...Get real.

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    Ramble, ramble, ramble.

    Grump, grump, grump.

    When you ask a perfectly normal question you really get blasted, huh?

    If it worked for Bush, why would it not work for Obama. AND you have to remember, Obama was on vacation even when he was there while being an elected official in Illinois. When you only vote PRESENT, you might as well be on the beach, huh?

    I shudder to think what we have to look forward to IF he is elected.

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    Obama went into hiding to get away for awhile and while vacationing, he didn't even attend Easter services at a church while there but said they read scriptures........ LOL Yea right !

    Now, why couldn't he and his family have gone to some church on the holiest day of the year , afterall, he claims to be a DEVOUT Christian !

    So, he is hiding out and hoping that by the time he gets back, this Wright issue will be forgotten. Clever move by the Obama campaign, I think or perhaps, Obama really doesn't have the stomach for all this and can not deal with it when things get tough .

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    I will never respect any man or woman who devotes most of their time first in the public office without giving quality time to his family. Once I see somebody like that I know there is trouble. It shows a troubled person who has a troubled home, for a home, a family must be every man's shelter is a place that is very important. A person who does not take time with his family is not fit to lead. A person who does not care about family togetherness must not be trusted as the leader period. This bring me to the answer Obama is a right man, who loves his family. A man like that will reign.

    I think calling Obama's church racist does not only shows arrogance, but also shows lack of knowledge. I wonder where you get the staff from Fox News? not sure where you get all this things right. Yes Wright said racists statements but the church is not racists, there are people of color who have attended the church many times. Even during this Easter holidays.

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    I am not for Obama...but hey...the guy...AND ALL THE CANDIDATES...have been working really hard. He took his children down there to vacation with him...as that might be the last he sees of him for months for all he has coming ahead of him.

    He is still taking calls from his staff and what not. I am sure he got clearance from one of his high staff members to release the statement and picture of Monica's stained dress: Clinton left the office with more than one stain...or something along that line...that is not a quote...so he is approving the mud slinging while on vacation.

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    The president (Bush) was elected to that office not once but twice but the majority of America voting to place him there, Obama will not make the cut to that position,he does not have what it takes..Its plain to see

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    What is the big deal, he took his family on vacation over a Holiday week-end. I few days off to relax and spend time with his family isn't going to change anything in this political race. Far as you know this vacation could have been already planned for months ahead of time. There is no way in hell you can compare Obama to Bush. The fact that you did just proves Obama haters are really grasping at strews because you can't find anything else to fault him on.

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    First of all, fdm215, the Rubik's Cube? LOL, that's priceless!

    I have to add my voice to those who don't think it's a big deal for him to take a few days off and spend them with his family at Easter. He's not hiding. He addressed the issue head on with his speech on race and he'll be right back in the midst of campaign madness shortly.

    Keep in mind that not only has he been going non-stop for 4-5 months, but his Christmas and New Year's were completely screwed up because all of the states were racing to have their primary/caucus first. That's tough on a family with young kids. I think that even his opponents could probably cut him some slack on this one.

    Surely you don't think taking off a few days every 4 months is a huge deal?

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    Not at all. When the President was on his ranch, he was still in charge, and capable of making decisions. What could he have done from Washington that he could not do from Crawford?

    Of course, Sen. Obama is not the president, so he doesn't really need the same level of constant accessibility.

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