Did anyone see Maureen Dowd on Larry King? Is she becoming the new "villain of journalism"?

Maureen Dowd appeared on Larry King Live tonight. She said all candidates are "fair game" as a journalist, which should be true. But, however her answer's to Larry's questions were biased against Hillary Clinton. Perhaps because she is known for her Pulitzer on her columns covering Monica Lewinsky. She spoke favorably of Obama and dismissed his controversial issues. She has been criticized for her comments slamming Katie Couric, Hillary Clinton, to name a few. She has trivialized the campaign of women politicians aside from Hillary. She has been criticized by liberals & feminists. However,she has also received criticism from conservatives for her columns on the Bush Administration. Thus, she is disliked by liberals and conservatives alike. She has been called the new villian of journalism. Do you agree and if you saw her on Larry King what are your thoughts?

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    I never heard her before and I was horrified at her comment. CNN has been discusting in it's biased coverage, but this is a new low. She twisted everything against Clinton, and worships Obama. When asked about Chelsey's answer regarding her mother and Monica Lewinsky - where Chelsey appropriately said -it's none of your business - Dowd justified the question. Whatever happened between Clinton and Monica is now a personal issue between husband and wife. Hillary showed wisdom and maturity to get past it. Dowd is a low life and a discusting biased journalist digging in the gutter. In addition for CNN to equate Hillary's exaggerated story (after 12 years and many a trip) regarding her arrival in Bosnia with Obama's lies about the racist Rev. Wright and his association with him for 20 years is rediculous. Hillary admitted the mistake, but Obama is still ctrying to cover his tail. And his tail extended over 20 years with links to Wright, Farakan, Rezco and many other slimebags. Once this is over I will never watch CNN again.

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    I wonder if these people can be held libel for what they say? I wonder if the media can be held libel for biased news reports that have affected this campaign? After all, people do sue the tabloids and win for what they print.

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    the corporate media is not focusing on obama's current vacation in the middle of a historic political battle.

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