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Setting up a new NHL team in Las Vegas, what are your ideas?

Now that I feel better!! I will now ask a better question.

The NHL will have a team in Vegas, it is just a matter of when.

Does anyone know if Sin City is in the works of building a new arena in order to try to bring in a NHL and NBA team?

These questions are if you are in control of the entire set-up

1. Would you have the team play on or off Las Vegas Blvd?

2. If on Las Vegas Blvd, would you build a new arena or make updates to the MGM Grand one where the Kings have their annual Frozen Fury during the preseason?

2A? If you choose a new arena, what is the name of it?

3. What is the name of your team? The Las Vegas_________? or The Nevada_________?

4. What is the roster of your team from the expansion draft?

5. Who are the coaches? GM? The owners? etc?

6. Would you offer gambling inside the arena? If yes, what games? After all you can gamble inside the supermarkets in Nevada, fair question to ask.

7. What are your other ideas to your hockey team and more in Las Vegas?


Looks like I may have answered my own first question.

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    Harrah's is currently building a new arena.

    1. Wouldn't matter....maybe off to avoid traffic issues, I would have them off strip, it can take you a couple of hours to drive up the strip on a Friday night (that's why I use Paradise Drive).

    2. Not the MGM, I think the new one would be better. $$ is not an issue, they could even build another one if they wanted.

    2. Sell the naming rights. More $.

    3. Sandstorm? Avalanche, Lightning, Hurricane....Sandstorm?

    4. Too long to answer.

    5. CSI guy..Jerry Bruckenheimer will be the owner. Take it from there.

    6. a seperate area of course. Probably would avoid a Sportsbook, just on a conflict of interest.

    7. I have always thought that the casinos could do some great promotions on box seats and tickets through "Player's Club" benefits.

    Source(s): Hearty...actually, the NHL has precedence with this. The Pens were going to be allowed to have slots to fund a new arena. Statement from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman (late 2006): "The decision by the Gaming Commission was terrible news for the Penguins, their fans and the NHL. The future of this franchise in Pittsburgh is uncertain and the Penguins now will have to explore all other options, including possible relocation. The NHL will support the Penguins in their endeavors." Bettman (and the NHL) was more than willing to allow the Pens to have slots to fund their arena. The casino just couldn't get the liscence or something of the sort. No problem getting a casino liscence in LV!!! LITY...that is right, they do.
  • NBA is not a reality after the 4000-5000 arrests during last years All-Star Game, beside the gambling issue. Gaming isn't an issue for an NHL team as they don't generate as much revenue as the others. Plus you can bet on hockey in Canada I believe, ProLine?

    1)The arena will be built just off the strip to appeal to tourists and screw the locals, despite a much better site with better access points that used to be owned by the Union Pacific Railroad nearer to downtown.

    2) a new arena will be constructed. The MGM Grand is overpriced and over-hyped anyway. The Kings are out for this years game,btw. It will be the Ducks and Sharks at The Orleans Arena. I was at a Wranglers game and they announced this last week.

    2A) Arena

    or WillBeGoneIn3Years Center.

    3) Las Vegas Tourists, because those are the only people who will see the games. The Nevada Kickbacks would work too. Someone was paid off to build the arena near the strip, when the vast majority of residents wanted the other site.

    4) and 5) Roster and Coaches-Too soon to tell as it's till 3 years away.

    Owner-Bruckheimer(sp) is supposed to be the one behind this stupid farce. With his hockey smarts, he'll bring Milbury as GM so he can screw up another team.

    6) Doubtful, just to keep things even. We wouldn't want to make it too easy for the refs to earn a little extra cash now would we?

    7)DON'T DO IT!!!!!

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    I realize this is long, but I hope some of your take the time to read it. I have lived in Las Vegas since 1993, moved from Queens NY. First, prostitution is not legal in Clark County, where LV is located. Yes, there are illegal ones, just like every other city. Next, yes, we have gangs, but no different than NY, Chicago, Boston, Philly, LA, Detroit, etc.Those cities have hockey teams, BTW. Those 400-500 arrests from the NBA all-star weekend were those who came in from out-of- town, specifically to cause trouble. The NBA didn't provide any tickets for locals here to purchase, not that I would have anyway. True hockey fans are smarter than that. The Arena Football team sucked with an out-of-state owner who didn't give a crap. and the team is moving to Cleveland next season.(What an improvement!) As far as an NHL team, I don't think it will happen. We already have an ECHL team, the Wranglers (an affiliate of the Calgary Flames and Quad City Flames of the AHL). It does well, on the ice and financially. It even cares about the kids, by scheduling a 9:30 am game called"School Field Trip Day" and giving away backpacks to the students.The fan base is locals(as opposed to tourists, or F..stupid visitors), so most of the teams income would NOT be from tourists. I rarely venture near the Strip, unless an friend comes in for a visit or to see the Wranglers at The Orleans Arena, which can hold about 7,700 hockey fans. It is a separate world for locals and tourists. The casinos wouldn't mind losing the hockey betting, as they don't derive much from it. Many people who have moved here come from CA, and have brought their hockey interest with them.The annual pre-season game between the Kings and the Rockies is always a sell-out. Part of the problem is the transient nature of the population. 4-5 thousand move here every month, but 2-3 thousand leave, especially since the housing market slump has hit here harder than most. Our hispanic population is growing (not a knock) and most, not all, don't bring much hockey knowledge. Las Vegas is actually part of the Kings territory(not sure about Anaheim), so I guess any team that comes here would have to pay a "territorial rights fee" to the Kings, similiar to what the Islanders had to pay the Rangers back in 1972 (it was 4 million back then).

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    1. Definitely play on the Blvd.

    2. Use the MGM until a new arena is built.

    3. The Las Vegas Gamblers (irony)!

    4. Expansion draft? How about moving a struggling (Atlanta Thrashers) team down there? Maybe people will finally care!

    5. See #4

    6. Tough call...

    7. Market the heck out of the team, because they will be the only major league franchise in town!

    Source(s): Hockey fan!
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    1. On, if at all possible. The more crowded the area, the more people passing by you might get hooked.

    2. New. Nice new arenas are always better because you can build everything from the ground up to exactly what you want.

    2a. Whoever buys the naming rights gets to name it.

    3. The Vegas Mirage.

    4. No clue, it all depends on who teams protect, who I can sign from those I do pick, so on and so forth.

    5. Former players.

    6. I would probably not offer anything during the game, but before the game I would take bets (legal there)

    7 colors, tan, blue and green.

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    1-2 I'm not sure

    2A. SBC Arena

    3. The Las Vegas Rattlesnakes

    4. Don't know.

    5. Head Coach: Ray Bourque Assistants: Forsburg and Blake

    6. No, it's a hockey game.

    7. Maybe put a baseball team in Las Vegas too.

    Colors: Black, Green, White...

    Has the NHL talked about having an NHL team in Las Vegas yet? Any links?

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    Off the Blvd

    The name will be chosen by the highest bidder for naming rights.

    Las Vegas Slots

    The roster will be from who the NHL teams make available, same as coaches, GM whoever has been fired from the previous season.

    The NHL says NO to gambling!

    Follies type showgirls can be cheerleaders!

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    1 - on the blvd

    2 - build a new arena

    2A - Cash Coliseum

    3 - Nevada Nuggets

    4 - CENTER - John Tavares, Jamie Arniel, Philip McRae, Cody Hodgson, Steven Stamkos

    LEFT WING - Colin Wilson, Mikkel Boedker, AJ Jenks, Philippe Cornet

    RIGHT WING - Zac Dalpe, Jared Staal, Justin Jokinen, Danny Kristo

    DEFENCE - Colby Robak, Alex Pietrangelo, Yann Sauvé, Tyler Cuma, Colton Teubert, John Carlson, Drew Doughty, Tyler Myers

    GOALIES - Chet Pickard, Thomas McCollum, Leland Irving

    5 - not so sure on coaches, gms, or owners

    6 - I would offer a area where you can make all different bets based on odds for during the nhl game going on, such as predict the score, and basic proline bettings

    7 - The team would look like 100 dollar bills skating around

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    They have already started building an arena just outside of Vegas. Its years away from completion, but its in the works. I think one of the casinos in the area is funding it. Maybe Harrahs, but Im not sure.

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