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My dog scratched me!?

My dog accidentally scratched me when i was playing with him. It scratched my face somewhere between my left ear and eye. At first it's just a small scratched and wasn't really obvious.. so i din care about it. Den after that it started to get really bad.. and now there's a huge patch of red where the cut use to be, plus it's kind of swollen. My friend said it could leave a scar. I need helpp! What should i do? Should i apply any medical stuffs on it?? Or should i just leave it, and it'd heal sooner or later. I'm really worried cause it's getting worser and worser!

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    As someone said before me, it sounds as if its gotten infected so put some antiseptic cream on it. If it gets any more swollen then go to the doctor.

    I have a 5 inch scratch on my leg at the moment from where my dog accidently scratched me while jumping up - its been there a week so far so im afraid yours might be there for a little while as well, although I shouldnt expect it to scar just DO NOT pick or scratch it.

    On another note, check your dogs claws as they may need trimming or if they are just sharp then take him/her for walks on concrete as this can file them down a bit.

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    My Dog Scratches

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    Has your dog had shots? Your dog's paws might have been in the dirt or something when he scratched you. Clean it everyday with soap and warm water, put antibiotic on it and cover it with a bandage. If that doesnt work, see a doctor.

    If it does, put mederma on the scar (If there is one)

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    is your dog an inside dog if so there is nothing to worry about you always get a red wheel were the scratch is just put some antiseptic cream on it ,it will heal up.

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    Do you have a fever? Clean the site with peroxide then put triple antibiotic ointment on it at least 4 times daily. You can clip their nails too to avoid this happening later.

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    Take some benedryl.

    I work with dogs and get scratched all the time, and they always get red, puffy and irritated. It goes down on its own and won't scar.

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      Do you even go to the doctor to have saome rabies shot?

  • Wash the area with antibiotic soap, rinse and apply neo-sporin or any triple antibiotic cream. You face should be fine. Try taking your dog to the vet or groomers to have his nails trimmed.

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    Anytime you are scratched (by anything) it should be washed throughly and dab some triple antibiotic ointment on it. It should be washed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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    YOU SHOUD GO SEE DOC just in case the dog had some kind of dirt or trash in or on nails but most times thing are ok but if concred call doc or go see them.

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    Clean it with soap and warm water and then put triple antibiotic ointment on it. It should be fine.

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