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5 Random things YOU hate?

Mine are:

1. Pencil breaking

2. Gum losing its flavour

3. Itchy nose

4. Nails breaking

5. Stretched hair ties

Most Creative answer wins!!!

Enjoy =)

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    Best answer

    wet socks

    gum under desks

    the jonas brothers

    yellow snow

    vending machines

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Hokey Pokey

    2. People Who Snore Or Heavy Breathe

    3. Itchy Throat

    4. The Sound Of Nails Scraping On A Black Board

    5. People Who Give Silly Answers To Your Questions On Yahoo! Answers.

    Thanks For The Great Question.

    Heres A Star For You -------->*

    H A N - B R O

    x X

  • Laura
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    4 years ago

    1. School. 2. Ignorant people. 3. Waking up early. 4. Being proven wrong. 5. Musicals.

  • 1. Wanting to add some one and the minute you do you're blocked.

    2.Not being able to put little comments under other peoples answers when they are totally stupid.

    3.Passing a person driving so slow on a winding road only to have them speed up and tail gate you all the way into town.

    4.Looking at the pile of receipts for last years taxes that aren't done yet.

    5.Having to replace a great employee because she is leaving to have twins. ( Happy for her, sad for me)

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  • 1 decade ago

    5) when I JUST had my keys in my hand. Where did they go?

    4) waking up on Saturday, but it is not really Saturday. It is Friday and I have to go to work.

    3) finding out about my son's homework after he has gone to bed. No, he did not do it.

    2) panhandlers stopping me on the street. The same ones who have been stopping me for 10 years. You already know the answer!

    And the number one thing I hate:

    1) the elevator stopping on every floor. Every time.

  • 1 decade ago

    1. people not putting more toilet paper on the roll when they finish it

    2. When someone leaves enough milk in the carton for one shot, WHAT THE HELL

    3. Revolving doors, I've always known doors to be pretty straight forward, how naive of me

    4. Car horns, probably THE most annoying sound known to man

    5. Double sided tape, now actually using this stuff is a b**ch!

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    5. Drive thru windows (more specifically, people who let their cars idle at said window, polluting).

    4. Telemarketers.

    3. Dull pencils.

    2. Mullets.

    1. Other. People's. Kids.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OMG I hate stretched hair ties too!!

    1) Salisbury steak

    2) Bad parents

    3) Loud people

    4) People who expect things from others

    5) Racists

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Moldy marshmallow sandwiches

    2. Sitting in a bus with passengers with bad breath

    3. Hat hair

    4. Snakes swallowing innocent sheep for lunch

    5. MTV

  • 1 decade ago

    Hanging out washing on an extremely windy day.

    Trying to eat an icecream when it is 40 degrees.

    Dropping the soap in the shower.

    That awful tickle in your throat.

    When you are waiting for an important letter and the postman goes past your home.!!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1)green beans. In the late 70s when I was ten years old, my grandma and uncle were trying to get me to eat green beans.I was, and still am, a very picky eater. They thought they had the perfect way to get me to try green beans. They said, open your mouth, close your eyes, and pretend this is your favorite candy bar. I did, but I spit it back out. To this day, I still won't eat green beans!

    2)flat soft drinks

    3)ink pens leaking

    4)getting black magic marker stains on my hands at work.

    5)When Wal-Mart, the low price "king", raises its prices!

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