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Are steel baths better than acrylic baths?

If they are both the same price, which one would you rather have?

My 1st thoughts is that steel will be cold, and the acrylic might be plastic-y.

If anyone has a steel bath, do you like it?

Let me know! Thanks!

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    We let property and find that the steel baths cause fewer problems after fitting.

    Apart from that the advantages of a steel bath are:

    Harder wearing

    Less movement

    Less prone to damage

    Disadvantages are:

    Initially colder to get into

    When they chip you notice it more as the enamal is white against a dark grey bakround, whereas the acrylic are the same colour all the way through.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Steel is expensive and heavy - the porcelain finish can be chipped and scratched. Yes it is colder - like your cook pots.

    Acrylic is cheaper, lighter and easier to handle for the installer. It can get scratched.

    There are companies that can refinish an old tub by putting an acrylic liner over it instead of removing and replacing the old steel ones. Acrylic has come a long way.

    But I still prefer steel.

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    1 decade ago

    Steel, at my size, I don't trust plastic ones ! Our steel bath is O.K., no problems with it. After a time acrylic baths, like any sort of plastic, tend to go brittle.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It depends if you are looking for a whirlpool your better off with acrylic or fiberglass, more choices. If its a regular tub and you take baths,get a cast iron holds heat better. I wouldn't use a flimzy steel tub, or plastic but they can be installed in a bed of mortar or plaster to make the bottom stiffer.

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    cast iron is best. for acrylic watch out for the thickness - best way to try is take off your shoes in the shop and stand in the bath, if it flexes it is too thin. In either case (cast iron, steel or acrylic) after it is in place, invest in a roll of glass fibre loft insulation and use this to 'pad' around the bath. Whichever type you have it will make filling and draining quieter and helps keep heat in the water

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    I've had both and I found that the steel ones can get chipped and cools the water faster, while the acrylic ones lose the shine faster and it's much more slippery.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You can put a layer of insulation round the bottom of the steel bath to improve its thermal qualities. I much prefer steel.

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    i have a steel bath i used to have a plastic one the plastic one did feel plastic y and got so many scratches over the years my new bath feels much more solid and doesnt scratch much hope this helps x

  • 4 years ago

    Go for the acrylic more easy to clean,if you do go for steel get it earthed.

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