To Catholics only: What is the difference between a "good" Catholic and a "bad" Catholic?

I hear so many, many references to being a "good" Catholic, so I am very curious of what it takes to be a "good" Catholic.

Please, only Catholic answers.

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    we all have our failings, any catholic trying to run the race and persevere until the end is a good christian. we are all one in christ so i dont think it fair or apt to say who is good or bad, jesus himself came for the sinner and the prodigal sons and daughters.

    if you want a technical answer i would say by definition the good catholic would be the one observing perfectly the catholic canon law practices and doctrine. the bad would not.

    thankfully this is a perfect time for newness of life,reflection and a chance for us all to be a little better at following christ during his passion death and resurrection when salvation history was truly accomplished.

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    I would say it is the same as being either a good person or a bad person. If you try to be the best that you can and help others if they need help or at least not intentionally hurt someone or their feelings, even if you don't go to church all the time, then you are a good catholic. If you do evil or bad and then "repent" then if you knew you were doing wrong and did it anyway then you are a bad catholic, even if you always repent and go to church and/or active in the church you are still bad

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    I hate to use labels. Some Catholics take their faith more seriously than others and try to live by their faith. I don't like a person applying the word "devout" to themselves. It sounds so sancitimonious. Actually, it was a word that Hollywood gossip columnist used in the past to apply to anyone actor or actress who went to Mass every Sunday and Holy Day and didn't eat meat on Friday. Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper would ooh and aah over their being a devout Catholic when that was really the minimum expected of a practicing Catholic.

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    People become Catholic.

    It is very difficult to stop being catholic. Its not a matter of your own choice or future belief system.

    So what it really means is that if you were catholic and turn your back on your faith, commit a load or sins etc dont believe in God.

    You are still a catholic but your not a very good one.

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    Can an ex-Catholic answer?

    A "good" Catholic is one who attends Mass regularly (preferably every morning), receives Communion, celebrates all the Feasts, helps the needy etc

    A "bad" Catholic is one who misses Mass, only appearing at Christmas and Easter, never feels worthy enough to receive Communion because of what they had been up to during the week, doesn't know any Feasts and doesn't help the needy.

    My mother would add in the day;

    A "bad" Catholic is one who talks to Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Vot was a "bad" Catholic according to Mom's definition for a while, and then became one of Jehovah's Witnesses

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    Anyone can say that they are a Catholic, that they believe in the Catholic faith, but actions speak louder than words. A good Catholic, in my opinion, is active in their faith. That doesn't just mean going to mass and confession though. A good Catholic doesn't just read the Bible and say well that's great that Jesus helped the needy, but they take it upon themselves to volunteer in ways that will help others. To me being a good Catholic is not just believing in the faith, but acting upon those beliefs to help others and generally living a kind and considerate life. Just my opinion on the matter

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    There is no definition. People have no right to be labeling anyone else like that.

    For instance "normal." No one is normal. In the opinion of someone else, everyone has an oddity.

    A liberal Catholic would say a conservative Catholic is a bad Catholic. And vice versa.

    I know some lapsed Catholics (that is one who no longer goes to church) who, in my opinion, are better Catholics than those who go every Sunday.

    Edit: I like Bill's answer very much. Thumbs up to you, dude.

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    A "good" Catholic is one that regularly and actively participates in the traditions and sacraments of the church. In other words, goes to confession, goes to mass, takes communion, etc.

    Another similar term used is "devout" Catholic.

    I've never heard a Catholic refer to either himself or someone else as a "bad" Catholic.

  • Bad Catholics are the ones that the Lord God chooses to save, and the truth that they get from him offends the pagans under the control of the local parish pedophile and the antichrist in Rome, of course. Most of them end up leaving the cult of the dead woman.

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    All Catholics ( practicing ones ) are equally trying to live as best they can in the face of their constant weaknesses and short comings.

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