wrong car for me?

i passed my driving test last month. my mum and step dad got me a renault clio 1994 model m redge. it's a nice little car thing is i keep stalling it! i never had this problem even when i was a learner in my instructors car! it's like the clutch is stiff and it takes so much gas 2 move it away again. i just don't know what to do it's putting me off going out in it where i keep stalling coz it's sooo embarassing. what should i do?

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    You might need some more time to get used to the way this car handles. You say you've only had it a month - that's not long, depending on how often you use it! The newer car you would have learned to drive in would have had a much 'softer/lighter' clutch, probably due to the amount of wear it received from all of its learners, your M-reg may not have had as much use. Does it have many miles on the clock? This could help you out. Also, has it had a new clutch fitted lately? Whenever mine is changed, it takes a while to get used to the 'tightness' and to get the levels set without stalling. It can be quite frustrating!

    If you are still unsure, take it to a garage or even better, a family friend perhaps, that knows about these things. That will be cheaper for you and might put your mind at rest. If its not simply a 'getting used to your car' thing, you might need the clutch itself worked on or altered.

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    Every single manual transmission is different. You just need to drive the car more to get the feel of it. European cars are kind of known for a more "stiff" manual transmission, but you can do it! Just pay a little more attention to what gets the car moving best (i.e. more gas, more feathering of the clutch, gradual gas and clutch, whatever) If you take the time to really figure out that "friction point" where the clutch starts to grab, you'll figure it out in no time. Remember, you don't just keep releasing the clutch all the way through, you have to "float" at the friction point to allow it to really grab while you give it gas.

    Once you figure out your transmission, driving a manual is a blast:-) Good on your dad for starting you with a manual, because now there is nothing on the road that you couldn't drive in an emergency or whatever. Good stuff!

    Keep it up, don't get frustrated, you can do it!

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    I'm having the same problem with my boyfriends car his is 1998 year and I'm learning in a 2007, i think its the way they were made.... I only use the clutch in my instructors car to park and in my boyfriends car you have to use the gas or it stalls but he says i will get used to it but its really frustrating because i know i can drive but i just cant get his car to move without stalling it, all i can say is go some where quiet and practice you will get used to it or you can trade it in and pay a bit more and get a newer car. Good Luck

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    maybe the clutch cable needs adjusting

    if it keeps stalling it indicates the fuel isn't getting to the engine or too much is going to the engine and it's cutting out either way. could be a number of things , even the carb, injectors , fuel pump etc.

    best get to a garage..

    I'm guessing it has an ECU also? so no more controlling the fuel like the old days with a choke.. thats what I hate about newer cars, they make it so you have to deal with more fiddly electronics.

    as for your instructors car forget about that. they have normally newer dual control cars, which have to be serviced a LOT due to learners riding the clutch etc.hehe

    Source(s): been driving 16 years
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    I have been driving for 45 yrs. last year the clutch needed replacing on my car. On holiday I hired a car, it took me all week to get used to the clutch, I lost count of the number of times I stalled. Don't give up it will come to you and you will wonder what the trouble was.

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    Sounds like the clutch is out of adjustment. Try to find a shop that someone else you know has used and will not charge you an arm and leg. They might find something else wrong. Good mechanics are hard to find and when you do find one they are covered up with jobs its hard to get yours in. For a little car like that one you shouldn't have any problems pushing the clutch in.

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    start the car

    engage first gear

    raise the clutch pedal to see how far it comes up before it stalls.

    This is what you call clutch travel

    It could be a dodgy clutch

    A car of 1994 vintage might have too much travel on the pedal. Some times the pedal spring becomes stretched too much.

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    If the clutch is stiff take the car in and have it looked at as clio clutches are pretty light :o)

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    Lucky you to have your own car. Just keep practicing until you get the hang of it. Go off to an open space somewhere and practice.

    I think you are giving it too much gas, which is why it is stalling. You have to gradually let up the clutch while pressing the gas. Every transmission feels a little different.

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    thank mom and dad 4 a car...some clutches are smooth some grabby,, just keep practicing..if after a few weeks tell mom/dad clutch is bad and u need 450 to get new one...

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