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What do you define as a person "well travelled" ? How many countries etc .?

I have been to Wales,England, Scotland, France, Germany, Poland, Czech, Hungary, Austria, USA, and I am going to Italy next week and USA again in the summer

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    good question, well traveled defines beside how many countries visited, also means cultural input, learning language and even dining out and trying the local food, and also informing other travelers of news, gossip and information. i travel for a living, and i find the -non-tourist- destinations much more cultural, either that or been traveling since baby-hood helps. happy traveling!

    Source(s): personal experience.
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  • berry
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    Define Travelled

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    well travelled is not really ticking of countries - it long term travelling in years - this is well travelled. Not many truely well travelled people out their. A friend has done 6 years - that is serious travelling.

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    well i consider myself well traveled and u seem welltraveled to!

    ive been to:










    and i lived with my mom in germany for three years!!

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