Printer on router network???

I am using a Windows Vista laptop and I am on a network using a D-Link router... The printer is in the other room and I wish to print stuff from this laptop using the printer in the other room. How do I set it up so I can print from my laptop???

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    Okay, it's easy to be. Don't worry:)

    Let's say Computer A is located in the other room while Computer B is ur computer.

    1) the printer has to be coonnected to a computer A (make sure the driver is installed in the computer A)

    2)Goto Computer A's Control Panel and set the printer as "shared printer"

    3)Check out the Work Group of Computer A and make sure Computer B is using the same work group's name. (may check it by right click on "my computer" and click "properties>>computer's name")

    4)Goto Computer B's control pannel>>printer>>Add a printer >>A network printer>>choose the printer's name and add it.

    **Make sure Computer A & printer are on when u're doing the setting and also has to be on when Computer B wants to print.

    It could work in both wireless or LAN. Make sure both Computer A & B has the same workgroup name.

    All the best:) Hope I could help u.

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    You're going to have to be more specific about your printer. Is it specifically a 'networking' printer? Does it have a port in the back for you to hook up an ethernet (internet) cable to your router? Is it connected to another computer?

    If it's the first one (a network computer), you're going to need to set up the printer to have an IP, and then set up your computer to print to it. This could be abit advanced for you, your local geek may be of more help.

    If it's attached to another computer, you need to go to Network Connections and set up a new network. Run the wizard on both computers, and make sure you share the printer on the second one.

    If you need any more help than that, please feel free to contact me.

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    The printer does not have to be connected to the router at all.

    I ran the wireless network setup wizard, followed the steps and enabled printer sharing.

    My printer is connected to my computer - my son's computer connects to the router wirelessly. So long as my computer is switched on, he can print from his computer to my printer. No printer software needed to be installed on his side.

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    the printer needs to be a network printer, and you plug it into the router and set up its ip address in the printer menu. Then you load the printer software in each computer on the network that you want to use it.

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    its okae__if your printer is wireless compatible you can leave the printer ont ehr other room but if its not its okae..jst plug the printer cable in your machine it doesnt matter if you have dlink router...(,")

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    soz can't help x

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