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Career opportunities for Graphic Design?

I am a musician and I am planning on going to Berklee in the next 2 years, but for now I am very interested in Graphic Design. I am out of HIgh School and have no professional experience, but I have knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator. Are there jobs out there for someone right out of High School/Community College in the Graphic Design area?

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    There's a huge abundance of jobs, however they are competitve and qualification is only a small part of getting a successful position; it's all portfolio based! So what you are doing right now; keep doing it! Build up a collection and take the best creations (and only the best) and build only the best up even further.

    In being familiar with both vector (illustrator) and raster (photoshop) illustrations I would say expand your knowledge even further and perhaps consider some 3D design, or modern illustrations? Combining software knowledge is a key element in graphic design.

    Another tip: Improve your conventional pen on paper drawing skills, as it will come in handy for conceptual art in the future, such as sketches and storyboarding (which is an essential part of any graphical creation). Perhaps buy a graphics pad (if you don't already have one) to brush up skills on that? (most industries use them) Maybe consider purchasing a Mac when it comes around to getting a new computer? (they are used heavily in this industry).

    If you need any more advice on jobs, or programs, or anything along those lines drop me an e-mail (

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