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What benefits do members of Commonwealth Countries have?

I seen an influx of many people from commonwealth countries, do British born people have any benefits? Could we live in their countries? Also what help could the commonwealth do in finding a relative in one of their countries?

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    Well, being a member of the Commonwealth means you're relatively safe from American invasion.

    At least for the time being....

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    I dont think it makes a differnece what commonwealth country your in as to you immigration rights.

    My girlfriends an Aussie and she has two kids one is 18 soon and i cant get them all over here even if we got married. So i dont know where you got your idea from, pleese tell me if theres any substance in it. It would be a big help !!

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    Well one of the main reasons people want to live here is for its benefits,its health benefits and money benefits.Free healthcare and free money whilst looking for employment

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    Those who jump ship?

    Were the elders born and raised by our "God Mother" who get fed up with their home-land.

    After it had been messed up by the men who would be king.

    In crowning themselves with crown of thorns and two empty hands with two balls.

    Now they all flock back to our "God Mother" to be near her.

    Those men who would be king.

    Were messing up with oppression and slavery with cheap-skate glory in idol worshiping the dead Mummy with empty skeleton of skull and bones of failures and horrors of the past from the graveyards of different ghostly ancestor's culture and custom as success in kicking the butts of God in not worshiping God.

    When the dead was dead and buried was long gone with time.

    Who could not do anything for living human kind.

    That it's better to jump ship and be near our "God Mother"

    That made them all jump ship without being aware of the mess created in their own backyards.

    Luke 6.39-40,41-45,46-49

    What do you think?

    Source(s): decoded from the missing x-files.
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    There are over ten million white people living in Africa.

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    Well if you come to uk and work you can be sure this government will take as much tax off you as it can

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    If they get a lot of benefits, and that you're angry, try to think of it this way:

    The Brits conquered their lands, exploited their kids, making them work in mines, killed dissenters, killed their leaders, killed the natives, brought in immigrants from China, made them work at meagre salaries, implemented the divide and rule policy to the detriment of national unity, left during the Japanese occupation, shamelessly came back to claim power after the Japs surrenderred, continued to exploit the economy.. all to satisfy the needs of the Brits during the Industrial Era.. and it lasted for 2 centuries in some countries. In other words, it's payback time for the Brits!

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