what are common problems with the mazda rx8?

I have been looking at cars, and the rx8 has caught my eye. My friends have a 350z and a s2000 and I do not want to get the same cars as them.

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    Common problems:

    1) The owners who treat the rotary engine like a piston engine. This isn't an engine you can simply ignore. There are no special tricks to maintaining one, but the engine MUST be looked after. Run the engine to redline at least once every couple days to keep carbon build-up at bay, and change the oil and coolant at the times specified. No slacking

    2) Mazda Techs who say the car is bad because they haven't got a @#%&* clue how to work on them...'nuff said about these idiots... Find a GOOD Mazda dealer (preferably one involved with Mazda Motorsports if you can) while on warranty. After that find a good, knowledgable rotary mechanic. Check with your local Sports Car clubs.

    3) When you start the car do not stop the engine cold. This can cause flooding. Always let it run for a couple minutes once started. I've never flooded mine even when it has stalled cold, but it's good advice nonetheless.

    4) Moisture in the tail lights have been a known issue. There is a TSB out about this so warranty repair is available is this is an issue.

    5) "Clicking" from the front end when you fully crank the wheel. TSB is out on this, too.

    6) Brake squeal. Mainly caused by being too gentle on the brakes causing glazing. Braking hard once-a-day should keep this at bay. TSB issued anyway.

    7) Sun visors breaking caused by excess heat in car during hot summer temperatures. It softens the plastic.

    8) Premature Catalytic Converter death. Under EPA warranty up to 100K miles in the US, I believe.

    Source(s): Check on the forums@ http://www.rx8club.com/ for more info on TSB and recalls issued.
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    Hot Start Cures:

    1) once flooded put your accelerator pedal to the floor before you crank so that you get the maximum airflow through the engine to dry out the combustion chamber (just like a 2stroke). In future to stop the engine, run the engine up to 4000rpm then take your foot off the accelerator to shut off the petrol, and when the rpm comes down to 1500rpm turn off the ignition key. This turns off the fuel supply and dries out the engine for easy restart. Perform the latest ecu software update which also stops over fuelling when cold or hot.

    2) drop by your local scrappy and install the biggest second hand (read £20) battery that will fit in your battery tray (Ford Transit Van battery etc)

    3) Mazda have a bigger starter option (£350) that will spin a flooded engine at the required minimum 200rpm (just like a 2stroke)

    4) Hot Start Cure: google "Mazda RX8 Ametech Engine Restorer" and just shake up and add a 400mls Ametech additive to the existing oil (under £30) and top up with Mazda mineral oil and drive normally. Hot start compression problem CURED within 300 miles or a week of normal driving. Lasts many years and adds £1000s to the value of the car. The tiny copper silver lead particles in the Ametech quickly fills in the rotational scratches in the double eliptical cylinder walls improving compression.

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    Mazda Rx 8 Problems

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    Mazda Mx8

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    The RX8 is gorgeous and fun to drive and does require plenty of maintenance, and that's been my experience since I bought one, but recently, after my very carefully maintained car started vibrating under the hood, I was stuck with a $3800 bill for repairs. My car only has 55k miles and now, just two weeks after the repair, my check engine light is now on. I dread finding out what the problem is and anyone who is considering an RX9 is a fool, unless you have a lot of discretionary income. I knew it was a rotary and needed regular maintenance, but this is RIDICULOUS. It also has rust issues, too, btw. Sorry, but the 8 is a piece of sh*t.

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    Has anyone had any issues with the leather seats? On my RX-8, both leather seats in the front have become detached from the triangle frame at the top. It looks as though the leather was cut too short and after time it became un tacked from under the triangle frame. It s hard to explain, .lol. I was told that it s normal wear and tear but I don t see how I could have caused this to happen. I have taken exceptionally great care of my car. It still looks new at 5 years old and 50,000 miles. Very disappointed for what I paid!

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    My 05 rx8 sputters on take off,while at idle rpm s fluexuate some,after coolant change radiator lite stays on,also most times has a slow long hard start.Im also wondering about additives for the oil that was said about hot starts.Im trying to prevent anything I can car is at 51,000 miles.

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    The problems are owners and dealerships not knowing how to take care of them, ultimately.

    They are designed to burn oil. They require religious adherence to maintenance schedules and frequent checks of the oil in between.

    They get appallingly bad fuel economy.

    There are a lot of other quirks of the rotary engine.

    A lot of people have problems with dealerships not knowing what the ****.

    The automatics suck.

    edit: It is NOT a ******* Ford. Ford owns like 1/3 of Mazda. They do NOT control Mazda, and they do NOT use the RX-8 platform or engine in ANY of their own cars. The RX-8 is all Mazda.

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    Do NOT buy a used RX8. The engine does not last unless it is taken care of by someone who knows exactly what they are doing. The average engine life is 60000mi. If your going for a new one, just lease it and beat it up. If you want a car to mod, then dont get it unless you really want to spend 20 hrs a week researching how a rotary engine works and how to repair it. Its a great car, but you really need to know what your doing with it.

    Source(s): rx8 owners, i wanted to get one to. $11000 for a car with 240hp and only 65000 mi? yea, to good to be true
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    I am a fan of the predecessor RX-7 and the rotary engine shouldn't even run, but it is genius. The new 8 model/body style is freaking sweeeeeet, but after all of that effort - handling is just washy when stock and I seem to remember a recall, but I just recommend to kick the tires once in a while and turn up the stereo real loud if you hear any knocking...

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