Dr. Laura blames Eliot Spitzer's wife on the Today Show for his affair with a prostitute.?

Does anyone find this hypocritical?? She blames wives in general during her Today show interview for a husband's infidelity. She stated that women need to show attention to their husbands and if they don't they will seek attention elsewhere. Dr. Laura, who really isn't a doctor, has been married twice. She had an affair with Dr. Bishop whom she eventually married. Then cheated on him with Bill Ballance and had a nude picture scandal. Yet, she chastises women for living with men prior to marriage and blames women for a husband's cheating. It seems as if she is advocating her own home wrecking ways. She has wrote books such as The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. She seems to relate more to the prostitute's Elliot Spitzer associates with. What do you think about her blaming the wife when her own past is torrid with infedility scandal. Do you consider her a hypocrite?


Rita- I do not feel threatened by Dr. Laura- I think she is a wacko. She received hard press about her Today show comments- just do a simple internet search to get info- She did tone down on Larry King due to the mass criticism she received. But, her views expressed on the Today Show are widely watch she normally preaches.

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    Hypocrite, yes!

    That seems to be going around.

    No man has a right to blame his wife or partner for his cheating ways...definitely, not a wife. It's purposed in his heart to cheat and he makes the choice.

    Some men will be intimate with the wife, and go and commit adultery with his mistress on the same day or night, returning home only to subject his wife to whatever diseases the mistress may be carrying that she's picked up from her other men and passed on to him...He deserves it ...the wife doesn't, and deserve better. That's not love.

    It has nothing to do with the wife not treating him right or being there for him. They look for any way to justify their infidelity, and not being able to come up with a real excuse, resort to using some small flaw of the wife.

    Some cheat because the wife gain a pound or two... at least that's one excuse that's been used. Not giving the fact, that they need to lose, themselves, plus some are going bald, and losing muscle, and turning flabby.

    They don't realize that the wife could leave and find her a nice man with the body of youth and personality that would put him to shame, but instead the wife stays, trying to keep the marriage together, especially if children are involved.

    Dr. Laura has no room, at all, to talk about nobody, and shouldn't have that talk show.

    I've heard how she talks to some of the women... now I understand why she defends the man.

    She's a cheat herself, so she's taking up for the cheaters.

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    Dr. Laura is right, and she does speak from her experience and the experience of others.

    But to equate the cause of men's infidelity to ONLY women's inattentiveness is naive. Human relationships are very complex, and do not offer simple "if/then" solutions.

    I think it was inappropriate for Dr. Laura to introduce this concept at a very emotional time of the Spitzer saga. We have no knowledge of the relationship between Elliot and his wife. But (again) her point is still valid.

    In some cases, women cheat on their husbands because their needs for emotional support and compassion go unfulfilled.

    In some cases, men cheat on their wive because they have never been able to hold a long term relationship with one woman.

    And the list goes on...

    But one thing can be said for sure. Those marriages that last a lifetime are so because the couple is in tune and 100% committed to the other's emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. Anything less than that, and the future of that relationship cannot be certain.

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    Yes, she was correct...it's always the womens fault . OKAY...I AM JUST KIDDING ! In all seriousness, in my opinion, the root of (most) cheating is the breakdown of communication. As a realtor may say regarding property...location, location, location, I think for a long and successful marriage it is communication, communication, communication...and I do speak from experience. When communication breaks down, other things that hold the marriage together also start falling by the wayside. Some of the causes (and again I speak from personal experience) is when one or both are too prideful in admitting they were wrong...or taking advantage of the other ones feelings and not recognizing the others emotional input. When my wife and I are mad at each other, we'll take a cool down period, then discuss the matter. In most cases, things get resolved. For the unresolved issues, we just agree to disagree, then move on. Marriage isn't always easy, but if it matters to both, "communication" has to be the key to any successful relationship. So to answer your question, no it's not the womens fault, and vice versa (most of the time).I'll climb off my soapbox now. Thank you.

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    Dr Laura Affair

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    Sounds like she advocates the handmaiden role for women. If a man is given the right to cheat, and held blameless because his wife didnt give him enough attention, is ridiculous. How about if spitzer would have spent the $80,000 he spent on prostitutes over the years, on his wife? Anyone who would listen to the rantings of a woman like Dr. Laura, must have low self esteem, and a mental health issue. Women are harder on women when it comes to certain matters, but her argument is sheer idiocy.

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    On her website, Dr. Laura said, "When you agree to fulfill an obligation, it is your responsibility to inform the parties involved if you can no longer follow through and to do that as soon as possible."

    Is not marriage an obligation or a contract between two people? How can she blame Eliot Spitzer's wife in one breath yet in another state that if you can no longer fulfill an obligation, you should inform the other party.

    The statements seem contradictory.

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    Dr. Laura is nuts... no one is responsible for anothers behaviour.. if Spitzers wife phones up the prostitute and begged her to have sex with her husband.,. he is still responsible.. he made the choice.. no one else.

    I'm Glad I am not a patient of that wacko!

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    From MSNBC: Schlessinger later emphasized that she was not excusing Spitzer’s behavior. Nor, she said, was she saying that his wife, Silda Spitzer, was in some way to blame for his indiscretion.

    “I do not know anything about their personal lives,” she said.

    But, she persisted, frequently when there is infidelity in marriage, both spouses share the blame.

    “When the wife does not focus in on the needs and the feelings, sexually, personally, to make him feel like a man, to make him feel like a success, to make him feel like her hero, he’s very susceptible to the charm of some other woman making him feel what he needs,” the popular psychologist and radio personality said.

    (Dr. Laura says, spouses need to meet needs of each other, she is not blaming women, just stating facts. You should not feel so threatened! It might make you sound hypocritical.)

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    Not really. Men cheat because a) they can b) they are dogs and c) the are not getting something at home. She said that many times men go to hookers and don't have sex, but are looking for someone to talk to and pay attention to them. It is not illogical that if he is not getting that at home and he is looking for that he would turn else where - although I am sure you could get the same for less than $5000/hr.

    In the end he made the choice now he must take responsibility for his actions.

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    Dr. Laura IS a prostitute!

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