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I need some help to tell my parents im depressed/suicidal?

I need some help to tell my parents im depressed/suicidal. Ok, I am 14 years old in 8th grade, and i am a guy. I have a problem cutting myself, i have tried to commit suicide 4 times in the last few month, and I draw people committing suicide, dying, gravestones, and stuff about death all the time. I dont really have any friends, i'm basically my school's outcast. Every now and then someone will talk to me, but just for a second. If I have a project, I do it by myself, and etc. A bad part about it is, that i've told my parents this before and they put me in therapy for like 2 months and thought it was just a phase and took me out. I want to tell them again, but I think they'll think im a freak, it's just a phase again or something like that, but i'm not, i really want help. But I guess it's the fear of rejection towards the topic that I'm afraid about. If you have any answers or help, please answer.

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    just tell them straight up that you feel like you need some help, tell them in all seriousness that your reaching out for them and to help you. also though, even though you might think your a reject '' or whatever at your school.. i guaratee theres more than one person there who doesnt think that about you. besides. , your still young, life gets better, no matter how much of a ''reject'' you think you are you will find plenty of friends by the time you go to college, and plenty of girls that want to hookup.. trust me. being different is a good thing.. it doesnt seem like it at that age, but when you get a lil older you will stand out especially to the girls. dont think your life is always going to be how it is now.. it gets better. just give it time and just do good in school.. everything will fall into place

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    Tell your parents again it sounds like you need reassurance. Its natural to be afraid of the rejection towards the topic but its that fear that will keep you in the same cycle of cutting and feeling depressed. I think you are struggling with your self worth and you need to believe that life is worth living. Just because nobody talks to you in school it doesn't mean you are an outcast you just have a hard fitting in. You are still a living breathing thinking human being like everyone else.

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    Calmly set them down in a living room no noise no nothing and tell them whats going on and that you want to get better but you need some help, that what I did, they may cry a bit or think it's scary but they're your parents they'll get over it. If therapy didn't help you then tell them you want to take a diffrent approach and it's not a phase

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    well here's how you do it.

    show them this question.

    they won't think you're a freak, they love you

    and they're your parents. you're their own flesh and blood,

    they'd do anything to make sure you are okay.

    don't feel like because you're a guy that it makes you look queer since you're pretty depressed. that's the best way to put it at least..... you'll be okay soon. i'm bipolar..and i have adhd...well, my bipolar disorder started to develop when i was 15, but last year i told my mom i think i'm bipolar...didn't believe me at first, was put on an antidepressant and it made it all she believes me. my aunt told me my parents were in denial because well..they're parents, they blame themselves when something goes wrong in their childs life. but there's always times when i tell my girlfriend i feel so stupid for crying and tell her i'm sorry. of course, she reassures me and whatnot....but it's like, i'm always thinking when i get depressed i'm not "masculine" anymore....but i know i am, and it's some stupid stereotype that has damaged all't go hard on yourself.

    tell them you're suicidal. it's not a phase. you need help.

    that's how it really is. tell them that.

    hope everything is okay for you, need anything email me.

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    just tell them!

    omg dont be afraid of ur own parents things couldnt get any worse than it is already it sounds like

    and u noe wat about the depression thing?

    just,... if u are embarressed doing this then do it in ur own room in the locked bathroom or sumthing.....

    look in the mirror and push the hair out of ur face

    and compliment urself

    and think over all the wonderful memories or things u've done in ur life

    think about happy times

    things to look forward to

    its rlly easy to just think to urself "theres nothing ever that was good in my life"

    but believe me, u might feel ridiculous doing this but just try it!

    and practice smiling or laughing

    read a joke book or watch a funny video

    looking at pictures always makes me smile :D

    just try it

    believe me if u smile and laugh from ur heart, even just once, it helps alot

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    write down all that you have been through, how you feel , what you have done to yourself and so on.... on a piece of paper and leave it laying somewhere they can find it. Let them know you are writing this because you want help.

    Also you could try talking to an aunt/Uncle or your school counciller

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    If you are ready to get help, that's a great start. If you don't think your parents will believe/ understand you, try going to a trusted teacher/consellor who can talk with you, and to your parents. Do SOMETHING about it. Talk to SOMEONE. I'll pray for you.

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    If you definately want them to know your are suicidal, have them "accidentally" find your drawings! that way they have proof that you are.

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