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I need some help to tell my parents im depressed/suicidal?

I need some help to tell my parents im depressed/suicidal. Ok, I am 14 years old in 8th grade, and i am a guy. I have a problem cutting myself, i have tried to commit suicide 4 times in the last few month, and I draw people committing suicide, dying, gravestones, and stuff about death all the time. I dont really have any friends, i'm basically my school's outcast. Every now and then someone will talk to me, but just for a second. If I have a project, I do it by myself, and etc. A bad part about it is, that i've told my parents this before and they put me in therapy for like 2 months and thought it was just a phase and took me out. I want to tell them again, but I think they'll think im a freak, it's just a phase again or something like that, but i'm not, i really want help. But I guess it's the fear of rejection towards the topic that I'm afraid about. If you have any answers or help, please answer.

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    Hi there~

    Wow, your story touched my heart as my son did try to hurt himself and he began cutting when he was only eleven. First he drew the pix of him w/ a gun, or he would tell me that he wanted to blow his entire elementary school up. I had to take him out of school when he was ten (so, yeah-he actually began showing signs of depression at that young age). I home schooled my son for two years. It was only last Easter that I had to have the police come into our apt. and put T on a 5150 hold....meaning that he was a danger to himself. That was the hardest call I have ever had to make. His sister is your age.

    Please, please tell your parents. I am a single mom, but after I had my son put into a children's hospital up in Valejo for eleven days-he is back to his old self again. He takes an antidepressant called Lexapro, and he takes Wellbutrin. Everyone's body reacts differently. I am bipolar and I am 40 and I just started meds about six mo's ago. For all of my life I lived in a depressed state. I wasted years. I tried to numb myself and nothing worked until I got diagnosed properly from a psychiatrist and was put on the right meds.

    Your a special boy! Depression totally sucks, and I really hope you can go to your parents and reach out to them and ask for help. If not, maybe there is a counselor at your school who you can speak with. I really believe that once you get the proper treatment you will have increased self esteem. My son is in 7th grade this year and he is having a blast. Before when he was only at home with me on days I was off work, he was home alone. He didn't speak w/ any of his old friends ever.

    You can get through this. YOu made the first step in asking for help. I don't believe your in a "phase"....My son still sees a therapist and a psychiatrist monthly. At first he went twice per wk for counseling.

    I truly pray that you will get the help you so desperately need immediately. I work in an emergency room and I see a lot of teens come in with the same types of issues you are experiencing. Life is awesome once you begin to feel alive again.

    Take care sweetie and I wish you the best!


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    The best thing about your post is that you know whats wrong and as GI-Joe puts it, knowing is half the battle. Since you have already voice this issue to your parents , maybe its time you went to an outside source for help. There are tons of places you can go. Try a campus counselor. Believe it or not, they are there for more than just advice on what class you can take. The good thing is, you are asking for advice from the general public on this issue, so that means you actually WANT help. Many depressed people dont even ask for help and then something terrible happens. I have chronic depression issues an there are drugs that can help. Paxil was a big help for me. Try to talk to your parents again and if that doesnt work a counselor at your school is the best bet. Good luck...

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    Do not listen to those who say dude don't cut don't be suicidal,people don't choose to be suicidal and my heart goes out to you at this traumatic time that you are going through.Do you have a school counsellor that may be able to be present with you when you talk your parents?the family doctor can also be someone to consider as they can explain the medical issues,and explain the level of care and support you need and rightly deserve.

    Maybe a relative or even a member of your community that you can trust and that will listen in an unbiased manner.

    Your parents may have been hoping that it would just go away and everything would be okay again,unfortunately it does not work like that and you have been suffering in silence.

    There are a few organisations you could get in touch with in your areas advertised on the web that may help to help you and your family such as Beyond blue,suicide prevention,department of health,samaritans and they will be able to give you the appropriate advise on suicide,self injury/harm.

    If you reach out people have to take notice ,it is a silent shame to many but it needent be there are people out there waiting to help,let them.

    I wish i was lucky enough to have had me cousin let me know ...........

    I wish you all the best.

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    If you really think that your parents have no concept or don't really care (possibly because of things going on in their lives, etc.) You should forget about needing to talk to them, and just take matters into your own hands and get the help yourself. There is supposed to be a system set up for school counselors to refer you to free psychological help. I go to the County health system and see a psychiatrist for slight depression and it only costs me $3.00 per visit. I didn't even think I was depressed, but my doctor talked me into seeing him, and I was put on Wellbutrin, which is one of the milder pills, and I don't feel the pills doing anything to me, but they must fill in a gap where something is missing in your system, and I can't believe how much better my life is going. I was hoarding stuff and could hardly walk thru rooms, and now I've been sorting and throwing things out. I feel more like fixing myself up (grooming, nice clothes, etc.) and so that makes you feel prouder of yourself and people actually are more attracted to you. It may take quite a while to find the right medicine to correct your problem (like a couple years) or you may be lucky and get the right thing right off the bat. Whatever starts to work, don't think you're better and quit taking the medicine. Never forget that for whatever reason, you have some little gap in your system that needs to be filled in with the right thing. Hopefully you can find someone you like. But you absolutely should see someone immediately~ like first thing in the morning. Forget about school. Drop everything, and take care of yourself first. If nothing else, call the suicide hotline (or 911) and they will get you started on your journey to eventual happiness. It's never easy for anybody at your age, although it may seem that everyone else has it so easy, and is so happy. They all have issues of different kinds. But when you are having the problems you are, it is truly a medical problem that needs to be fixed right away. When you find the right medicine, you'll be amazed how your life can change. Good Luck and Take Care

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    Listen, you need to just sit them down and tell them. If they wont listen, then go to the school counselor(thats one of the things they are for) I wish i could help you more.

    I have went through a very simuliar situation in high school. People were so cruel.But I over came it soon after graduation. In college the so called "popular, jock studs & ho's" were the ones who looked stupid! They tried to play that loud mouth stuff in class and everyone thought ther were idiots. And as far as being an outcast---dont worry...those popular kids will find themselves lost after highschool...then they will be depressed...because they don't know what life is like without friends and the feeling of belonging...but since you are already there you will learn to cope. Friends aren't really all that important...FAMILY IS! That's something you learn as you get older. Keep the hope!

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    I had the same problem. I used to cut too and when my mom found out she got pissed and started freaking out and cussing at me. Also, her and her dad (who's an asshole) sat me down one night and told me that if I was gunna act this way and if I was suicidal then I should just cut my wrist and go ahead and bleed to death. At least your parents are supportive. My mom never tried to get me help. I moved in with my grandparents who took me to a counselor and I got put on prozac. It helped for awhile but then I got used to it. It kinda made me spaced out though lol. Anyways, you need to tell your parents all of this and tell them maybe it's a brain disorder or maybe there are some chemicals off in your body or something. I think they'll understand. Is there any certain reason why you are suicidal? Like is it because it seems that no one likes you, or do you just hate yourself for no reason? Send me an email or IM me and we can chat. Talk to you soon I hope...

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    Your parents are there to help you no matter what. It's really hard to tell them those things about you. I've done it myself, actually about depression and drug addiction, and I just called and blurted it out. I didn't dance around the topic, I just said, "I have a drug problem and I need help right now."

    After the topic is brought up, they will probably ask you the questions that you've always wanted to answer.

    Nobody should ever reject you for this situation. I felt it was a pride thing, like I was too good to be depressed, but after I was able to get it out in the open, my parents and I have a very open dialog. It helped out in so many ways!

    I almost think my problems saved our relationship, and I was able to trust them.

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    I have been exactly where you are and my heart is screaming in my chest for you. Know this - it gets better. As the school years pass, there are fewer tormentors and some people actually willing to give you a chance and be seen with you. Life changes. Be there to see it.

    Perhaps your parents are in denial; it does sound like they don't understand the gravity of the situation. You're definitely not a freak, and even if they wrongly think you are when you tell them, the therapist you get can promptly disabuse them of that notion.

    Fear may motivate your parents to avoid the subject - fear of the unknown, fear of losing you, fear of their own mortality. Stand firm. This is your very life you're fighting for. You're a courageous man, and I admire you.

    Find a trusted advocate. You need a adult to back you up. School counselor, minister, crisis volunteer, family doctor, family friend, neighbor, relative - anyone you know you can rely on.

    If I can help more, please let me know.

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    I am 14 {and i'm a girl}. I know exactly how u feel. I am depressed and i cut mysef. I really want to die, though i've never tried to commit suicide{i don't think i could go through with it}. I've already suffered through 8th grade{i'm a freshman} so i kno it's a hard year, thats about when my depression started too. I had troubles telling my mom. i didn't think she would understand, and at first she didn't. she wanted to know WHY i was depressed and she got mad when i didn't know. bcuz, depression is a disease, theres no reason. it's like asking someone with cancer WHY they have cancer. i just had to keep telling her and explain to her how bad it really was and that i needed help/ u should do the same thing, once u explain absolutly everything to her, she will hopefull understand and get u help. or, talk to ur school counsler. don't kill urself dude. and cutting is a realy bad thing , trust me, i know, i did it, and it can be really addictive and impossible to stop, it's like a drug. plz...stop while u still can.GOOD LUCK! {message me if u want to talk. :)

    Source(s): expiriancing the same exact thing dude.
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    Okay. Everything I said got deleted, so I'll try to interpret by memory. If I could, I would reccomend songs that a male8thgrader14yearsold told me to add on my list of over a hundred songs. I wouldn't know how tha twould actually help you though. You're honest, and at least you're sensible enough to say you fear rejection, and school's outcasts I would respect. You probably DO have a friend, but again you said you didn't. People talking to you, but only for a second. That's probably an understatement, but maybe a chance of that being true as well. Your parents care about you, and the worse thing they fear is you being in the doom of gloom. Their own son, that's just depressing and sad to their own part, feeling that they've failed. What you really need though is support, and to get out of the "phase" But I say though it's not "just a phase you'll be okay you're fine" type thing. Maybe it is, or you feel like you need to tell your feelings to a therapist. If you're scared to confront your parents because of the insanity, then talk to you school counselor. And you're on the internet asking this question. Maybe you should consider checking on yahoo search for articles about depression and such. School cliques are ghetto these days, where they don't give a care for others who are left out, and I hope i'm not one of those people who reject. In my opinion, I think school outcasts are probably the nicest, honest, unique and have great hospitality compared to my beserk personality. I don't know what else there is in life that's making you sad or down the drain other than being alone or mental. You're mental, but so are other people who probably have it worse. And agian.. don't be suicidal. It's the pernament quit of life that can not be undone unless miracles did exist. There's better things in life to look forward to, and letting sadness or dying related items taking over you is weakness. Everyone is strong, and you should be too! You're a guy, and not to be genderist, but you must be mature and serious to be suicidal in the first place. Some girls have crappy reasons, and I was probably one of them at the time. .. gah. I need to stop mentioning myself. You're looking for help, and that means you're not THAT suicidal. You're not that secrative in the dark shades of suicide. And going back to how you draw death related items, it shows that your'e artistic of how you feel. That's how you express yourself if it wasn't that therapist or therapy for two months. Maybe you're insecure and need someone to talk to more often.. like I said. I would add more, but I don't know what else to say. It's not entirely your fault that you're jwle;rwkejjw;eklj rejected from friends or working during projects.. and yah. Point - if you are to consult your parents, they'll freak out yes ! But they love you. That's the most important thing, and as long as you acknowledge their love for you, you can't still stay sad like that, right? =( Err, I would add more than this but I wasn't originally in the mood to think about suicide, but it's cruel and just plain darkness in general. I hope you do get help whether it's from your parents, a new friend, school conselor, and that you'll have a better future than the current sucky present we're having at the moment. Good luck and latuhz.

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