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Bring Shine to Car Paint Job?

My boyfriend has recently bought a new car, they guy he bought it from had it recently sprayed orange but only half the car's paint is shiny. The other half is dull and felt rough which is apparently because he used the wrong sandpaper to buff it. We therefore polished it up with Autoglym and a handheld buffer, the results were great. Once it came time to wash the car the polish seems to have washed off, it still feels smooth but a dull look. Will we have to buff the car after every wash or is there a more permanent way of keeping the shine. As my boyfriend likes to keep his car in top condition and i cant go through buffering every other wkend. Thanks!

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    it sounds like what is happening is that the oils in the polish are making the paint shiny but when you wash it you are washing away the oils therefore leaving it dull,my advice would be to lightly flat the paint with 2000wet and dry with plenty of water then machine polish with a g3 rubbing compound until the paint has a shine,then coat with a good quality wax.

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    I have to agree with "car painter". Sounds like you've got a poor paint job! It sounds like it's been badly finished.

    Constant buffing over time will thin the paint. You may need to "colour sand" the paint as already said and buff the paint with a suitable compound. Be very careful near edges as you can sand through the paint!

    It might be safer to take it to a body shop for some professional advice.(Should still be cheaper than a respray if you get it wrong!)

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    What you have on the surface of the paint is called 'traffic film'. You need to 'T' cut the surface to remove the film but be careful not to polish heavily in one spot otherwise you will get down to the undercoat. When you have done the offending areas you must to re-polish the car after with ordinary car polish.

    Always follow the instructions on the tin.

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    It sounds like the paint was sprayed to lightly. The rough areas are actually dry spots where not enough paint was applied. This is very common with first-time painters.

    You can try to buff out these spots but you will probably have to repaint.

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    How about trying tcut? Or perhaps you'll have the bite the bullet and get it partly resprayed?

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    Use T-Cut and then polish again.

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