My laptop feels the need to randomly disconnect from the internet..?

I have a Vista home Premium laptop with a Netgear router. I have two wireless USB adapters and on either of them my laptop randomly disconnects from the internet. This never happens on my other computer, which is XP, but it does on this one.

Basically, the light on the router and the light on the USB adapter is still flashing blue, which means it is on and working, but when it disconnects and I go to my Wireless Networks, it says it cannot pick anything up! Even if I'm in the same room as my router, is still says that! It's disconnecting right now so please bloody help! Thanks.


+** when I go upstairs to my bedroom, it disconnects just the same. Basically, wherever I go it disconnects. I don't mean to come across rude but I'm so annoyed with it. (On Wikianswers I got told to "stick it up there.")

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    If your other computer is connects flawlessly to your router and doesn't disconnect, and is not a Wireless USB adapter, this might be the problem, I have also some issues before whether selecting a USB wireless or a PCMCIA care, PCMCIA card usually don't have the same problem with Wireless USB Adapters.

    If you have access to a PCMCIA wireless card, try using it on your Vista home premium laptop and see whether you'll have disconnections to your router.

    You could do this little experiment, try a continuous ping to a website and start your way near your router and going further away from it.and ping the ip address of your router, for example

    ping -t or ping -t,

    change the ip addres to the address of your router, by this you'll know when your connections drop off your.

    If you do have an extra laptop and time try installing windows xp and use the same usb adapter that disconnects from the internet. If on XP this doesn't happen then its an OS related problem.

    Hope this help.

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    1 decade ago

    Thats amazing for two years now my mate had no trouble getting onto the net until he changed to vista 6 months ago. Now his pc only lets him on for 1 hour a week this is really strange. But i am at this moment working on this little pain as we speak so when i have found a cure i will be posting it on here so i can help the rest of you guys and gals out their with the same problem.

  • 5 years ago

    Do you have neighbors that use your internet. You probably have a WEP code so, unless somebody isn't using it it shouldn't be that. It could be that your RAM. If you have a lot of window or tabs open to various sites, it could be that your RAM (My laptop has 4GB and can handle approximately 4 windows and 5 to 6 tabs in each.) It could be your cookies. You may have a virus or something caused by cookies. Press Ctrl + H and it'll give you your history. Delete browsing history. and then go to extensions. Delete all present extensions.

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    being to close to a router can cause some of that . TRY TO GET AT LEAST 15 FEET AWAY FROM ROUTER

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