What are the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Office Excel or spreadsheets as they are commonly known

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its for my homework:)
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The advantages are that you need only enter a formula for the spreadsheet to continually update totals whenever data is entered rather than having to continually re calculate.

The disadvantage, if there is any, is that other than simple calculations you do need a good deal of training to get the best out of it.
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  • aresee answered 6 years ago
    If a thing is worth doing, it's wrth doing well. Excel is one of the best spreadsheets on the market, the best in my opinion and to get the best use out of it and any software for that matter you need to learn it properly to gain the best advantage. By using Excel to its full capabilities you can run a whole business (just as you can with Access). In my opinion there is absolutely no disadvantage to using Excel or spreadsheets in general as they simplify and speed up calculations, projections etc and no, it is definitely no disadvantage to spend worthwhile time learning how to use it properly.
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  • Darrell answered 6 years ago
    The advantage is widespread usage.
    The disadvantage is their closed format proprietary nature.


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  • James answered 6 years ago
    Well... it is highly flexible and packed full of features, with wide support for many mathematical, statistical and logical formulas.

    The disadvantage is that, as the guy above me says, in order to use it effectively you need a lot of training, and that the syntax for some formulas can be hard to learn.
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  • Kelly K answered 6 years ago
    Excel rocks.. it like a big calculator .. It helps to organize.
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