Has anyone read books by Neale Donald Walsch? If so what did you think about them?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have this book and occasionally flip through it, having read it thoroughly some years ago. It has some great moments, yet I feel that the author slips into delusion at times, interpreting most of his merely 'inner' dialogues as 'encounter' dialogues.

    My spiritual experience of having dialogue with God is that this very rarely occurs directly or explicitly, except when circumstances are dire or transcendent - or otherwise exceptionally 'charged' - when an unmistakable 'voice' may speak within us that we are confident has not been generated by our own conscious (or unconscious) discursive processes. In other words it is experienced very much like an 'interruption', or like an external 'transmission' being 'received' directly into our conscious mind.

    An example, for me, would be when, some years ago, I was feeling really bad about myself and totally unworthy to go forward to receive Holy Communion at my church.

    Yet I felt I needed the grace that comes with receiving this sacrament.

    As I queued up with everyone else, still feeling really bad and low, a 'voice' quietly said to me "I'm not letting you go!" - just like that. I almost looked round to see who had spoken. It was totally non-manufactured, non-imagined - it just happened!

    So, to me, the signs of real dialogue with God are that it is rare, it happens only when God considers it necessary, and it is almost always extremely brief in duration - concise - clear - and you could not have thought of it yourself.

    All other 'claims' or interpretations are, to me, illusory or self-deluding, at best, and fraudulent at worst.

    Thank you for asking this question. I have rarely shared the above with anyone before. Hope I have done right!

    oty xxx

  • fargo
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    4 years ago

    sure I did, countless circumstances. I %. it up oftentimes or perhaps as i favor an answer it truly is there. that is the e book that has made the most important unmarried enormous difference to how I see the international and stay my existence. i can walk something of my days in peace because of this e book. i replaced into no longer condemned. it truly is a e book for each body of any faith and none. religious no longer religious. no longer particular that the Christians will like it very a lot because it embraces each and everyone, everywhere for the time of countless universes. if you're searching for for God you want examine no longer something else.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I saw Conversations with God in a bookstore today and sat down to read it and I was horribly sad and concerned. sad that a man could be this hopeless and helpless that he would believe these things and concerned about how many people were believing it to be truth. There are so many misbeliefs and wrong teachings in it. If any help is needed infinding out more about these books and their false teachings email me and I can give you links or help with any questions you have.


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    Some of it rings true, but plenty of it sounds more like "Conversations with Neale" that with God.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I read his conversations with god series, in the late 90's very convincing but found it to be bs

  • 1 decade ago

    load of sh*t


    "Conversations with Neale" priceless lol

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