Has anyone read books by Neale Donald Walsch? If so what did you think about them?

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    Conversations with God 1,2, and 3. I read those. They were good. I have my own conversations with God now but it could've been aided by my reading those books. There are so many things that make up our experiences here on this wonderful planet. Many of them are amazingly complex compilations of all the different inputs with which we are bombarded on a daily basis.

    A friend of mine emailed me some pics two or three days ago and one of the members here on YA just told me about a book today and I went to the website and the first pic on the website was the SAME as the first pic on my friends email about the Hubble telescope photos. Amazing coincidence? Or is it the Law of Attraction. You might want to check out The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Interesting book and accurate, also fun ideas with which to play.

    One thing that I did notice when I was reading Walsch's book was that I was put into a weird state, in that I seemed to lose touch with God as I read it, almost as if God did not want me reading it. I sent copies to my mom and dad and they liked it a lot and didn't seem to have a problem with it.

    I'm noticing a similar thing today in trying to talk with one of our members on here. I have to send emails to her over and over b/c they don't go thru the first time and she is getting blocked from sending me stuff. We don't think it's the server but it seems to be some "power" that doesn't want us to communicate easily.

    Odd that the powers would've found us here on YA and worked to keep us from exchanging ideas. But we still got our messages thru b/c BOTH of us are stubborn and refuse to be stifled by high energy sources so we just kept re-formatting and re-sending until they finally broke thru.


    Peace y'all.

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    I read about 40 pages and gave up . I found it much like reading one of L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology books. Says a lot, communicates little, contributes nothing. It's kind of childish too. The end of theology is not Walsch and the end of life is not theology. Most folks have to feed themselves and their families and I find the notion that anyone could or should engage in a single-mided pursuit of spirituality to be a completely self-centered and ultimately irresponsible idea.

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    I have read the all(multiple times.). This is the real thing. I consider these books one of the greatest miracles ever performed by the Creator God. We can at last know the truth of most all lifes questions. Continue reading his books. They are awsome. The last book(Home with God0 will knock you socks off. I reccomend reading them in sequence however. I am currently reading book one for the fourth time. My understanding increases with each reading. If everyone read these books the world would have no problems. You have probably already learned it is hard to find others who will read these books. It takes a lot of courage to live by them...God bless you and keep reading

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    Neale didnt write it,it was God

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    Someone's read 'em cause he's got a www.wikipedia.org entry. Not me however lol :-)

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