What is the difference between a Christian repenting and an Atheist regretting?

I for example regret the bad things I do, whilst you Religious folk repent for your sins.

I assume the answer is to ask for forgiveness?

Why would I want a god that turns women into ash, supports stoning people and incest (OT) and then turns around and says in the (NT) that gays are evil etc.

Surely it is me that should be forgiving him?


I often regret not my actions but their consequences.

Perhaps I actually do not regret my actions very much at all.


Update 2:

Nashgirl if you took time to read my question you would realise that i did refer to stoning as being (OT).

But lets face it the OT is still relevent and YOUR god did say stoning was ok at one time.

Well I am afraid even gods should be judged for what they did in the past, and we are speaking about one evil god that wiped everyone from the planet, babies and children during the great flood, and send angels to wipe out cities, and encouraged stoning and says homosexuals should "surely die".

Perhaps you are the one that needs to re-read my question and the bible..........

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    Perhaps because the Christian feels that apologizing to god for his sins wipes the slate clean. Atheists can't do this and are thus more motivated to actually take action to make amends.

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    If you spent any amount of time seriously reading the bible you would know that each and every one of your accusations are soooooo far of it is almost laughable.

    Matthew 7:1 is a good place for you to start. Jesus in the chapter actually stops a mob from stoning a prostitute.

    To answer your first question, the difference is the christian will enjoy forgiveness and freedom from guilt and an eternity in heaven and an atheist will be consumed with guilt for their actions and NOT go to heaven.

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    Regretting is the thought - that you wished you had not done what you already did..you can chose to repeat them or stop them.

    Repenting - it the act of confessing to God by your words that you did wrong and you will never do it again.

    I like to give an example:

    A young boy steals some money from his father's pocket and spends it..Then he sees his fathers sad face..and realises that what he did was wrong.If he thought to himself"dad,i made you sad,i never will do this again" he has regretted,but if he goes up to his father and says "dad ,i did this.and will never do this again" with tears in his eyes,,then that is repentance.the latter case has a good chance of him not doing it again as he has brought it to the knowledge of his father(by the way,all this time the father must have guessed it...he knows his child and must have been waiting for him to come and say it!!)rather than making a promise. to himself which may turn him down someday...thats the difference!!You know your father loves you though u went wrong and that conviction will stop you from repeating it again..

    Jesus said he will give beauty for ashes not the other way...he stopped some people who were throwing stones on a sinner,and also made man and women in all creatures to multiply..thats God's plan...no 2 male animals/birds or any other creature are meant to mate and multiply and are unable to do it...no 2 +ve charges attract,only opposite poles attract...

    dear friend..if you do have more questions pls ask me,i am happy to help you..

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    The difference is an atheist regrets and corrections are based on reality. You're not just forgiven for telling god you're sorry, you have to actually remedy situations to make them better. And those remedies aren't random like they are with religion (sacrifice a goat, say 100 hail marys, etc). They're actually integrated into the rules of reality.

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    Atheist - Morals and beliefs are determined by your own heart, you decide what you like and accept and what you don't like and won't accept. i.e.. the second sentence in your question. - You are god

    Christians - God is God and we answer to Him.

    Aren't you glad you werent duped into believing all that jazz and you can simply live your life the way you want, and only have to answer to yourself when your doing something wrong... That sure would be easier sometimes.

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    Christians are able to just keep doing the bad thing because they know they will forgiven by God if they ask Him for forgiveness again. Atheists are forced to deal with their own conscience for the bad things they do.

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    Asking forgiveness from the person you hurt directly is more corageous than asking for it from an invisible being in your own home on your own. Repenting is a coward's "get out of jail free" card.

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    Sad to say, but a Christian repenting goes to heaven and an atheist regretting goes to Hell.

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    The atheist might actually try fixing the condition he regrets causing.

    The Christian would feel no need to do so.

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    But ALL can be forgiven...from the OT into the NT

    it is a choice thing

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