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I have been told even cockroaches will not eat margarine. Is this true, if so what do they eat?

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    This seems to be a common urban myth, and seems to be widespread on sites that are dedicated to the latest boogie-man of trans fats. It is often found alongside other mis-truths like the notion that margarine is "one molecule away from plastic".

    It is, however, untrue. Cockroaches are very omnivorous, and will indeed eat margarine. They'll eat practically anything vaguely organic. In fact, they will even eat some types of plastics.

    In fact, margarine oil is actually used as a standard cockroach bait when testing new attractants and repellents.

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    Cockroaches are omnivores, like us. For the most part they will eat anything organic. Mostly they eat dead or immobile things. , they rarely bite a human but might nibble on a sore in the middle of the night when an animal is sleeping.

    They will eat the glue off the back of postage stamps and the glue bindings off the backs of books, traditional glue being derived from animal protein.


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    Cockroaches like to eat just about anything!

    Cockroaches like food that contain starch. They will eat wallpaper paste, cheese, beer,leather, bakery products,hair, flakes of dried skin, soiled clothing ,starch in book binding paint, bookbindings, and paper. They also like to eat the crumbs that we humans leave behind.

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    It is true (source below).

    Cockroaches will eat just about anything else, though. As long as it resembles food, they'll eat it. It's just the synthetic stuff that they won't eat.

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    i can`t believe it`s not butter ,,,, it tricks them

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