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Will the Larry Sinclair scandal end now that the lie detector test says he lied about Obama?

I won't link to it because it is a porn site, but according to white-house-dot-com, Larry Sinclair failed the lie detector test he took regarding his claims about Barack Obama. I assume we all know what he was claiming. If not, it's easy to find out.

But anyhow, now that the lie detector results are in, will the Larry Sinclair scandal start to fade?

And to you people who thought it might be credible - care to apologize?

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    Oh boy, their hopes are dashed. Not a shock though. If this creature had really existed, his pathetic behind would have surfaced during his US Senate race.

    Well at least he came out 10 grand richer

    Edited to add: Yuck Fou is the perfect example of LEMMING. he did not bother to read the link he used. It says they had to get a 2nd opinion. It never said he passed.. last notation- 2/22/08, 2 days ago.

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    Hey, well Larry Sinclair has actually admited to lying about the sex story. He has admited that he lied.

    He has posted his new letter everywhere, here is the the text from it:


    This is Larry Sinclair. First. I am posting this message in venues where I know my situation is discussed.First off, let me apologize for the roller coaster ride I have put some of you through(myself included). I have been going through various issues as of late, and have been having quite a tough time. I sincerely appreciate all the support I have received from ALL OF YOU(you know who you are). However, I think it's time this all was finished. I was not being honest. I did not give oral sex to Barak Obama, nor have I ever met him. I have just been extremely lonely lately, and I guess I needed attention. I want to assure you all the money I recieved from this(both from and The Globe Magazine) will ALL go to charity. When all is said and done, I will NOT HAVE PROFITED from this. Now that I have disclosed this, I hope you all will respect my right to privacy, and let it rest. I have made some good friends during this, and will always cherish and respect the ones who have helped me.

    Thank you,

    Larry Sinclair

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    There will always be people inclined to believe what they want. The people spreading this story didn't want Obama around in the first place and thought they had found a way to take him down. Fortunately, since the last election and the swiftboat tactics used then, internet users became much more savvy about believing anything someone will put out there.

    I think Larry put this out there on his own....looking for a buck. I don't think anyone paid him to do this. I think he was fishing for the highest bidder.

    However since Larry himself proved to be a fraud, (and has BEEN convicted of fraud in the past) most of us thinking people can go back to our lives and and forget about Larry the scam artist. I don't think this will be the last of him...expect to see him on talk shows, and making crazier claims. Probably on Maury saying Obama was his baby's daddy. Dumb stuff like that.

    People will believe what they want to believe. Those that believe this wouldn't have supported Obama anyway. They were looking for a way to take him down.

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    It won't fade away too soon, unless the Republicans can find another patsy with less baggage to lie about something Obama did or didn't do.

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    it never amazes me the spin that goes on in our society when it comes to destroying those who run for president. I remember the swift boating that went against Kerry in 2004....or what happened to McCain in 2000 when the hard right slammed him for having a black child...

    It almost begs the question does hate and fear win an election in the United States?

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    I have no opinion on whether he was lieing or not BUT I do know that lie detector tests aren't reliable and not much weight is placed on their results nowdays.....I don't even think that their results can be used in court anymore, but I may be wrong about that.

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    Let's set aside for the moment the fact that lie-detectors are Weird Science and completely unreliable.

    Why are all these monkeys throwing s**t at each other?

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    Swift boating never ends-- even if it is a lie.

    Thanks for the news.

    Too bad Sinclair was so sick, he fell for the game.

    Pray for him...and the Neocons who used him.

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    Sicne when do the racist bleeps who hate Obama let the facts get in the way of their lies?

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    No, they do not know how to let things go. Troll have a knack for keeping dead horses under their bridges, no matter how bad they start to smell

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