Are British/Londeners really rude? Snobs? Racist???

I've heard this over and over but I refuse to believe the majority are this way. I've heard this about New Yorkers as well. I have lived in Canada, Mexico (sweetest people ever!!!) and all over the USA but now want to move to London to be with my boyfriend and learn more about his country, culture, traditions, history, etc. I have LOVELY British friends but MANY people tell me people in London are RUDE or SNOBS unless you have loads of money! I know this is probably NOT TRUE but what can you say as to this? Enlighten me great UK people! Thank you and much love from beautiful MEXICO!!!!!


*LONDONERS, sorry it's way late here

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    Let me start by introducing myself I have lived in the UK all my life and also live in the capital London.

    firstly, you get snobs all over the world, their are very rich parts of London which of course alot of snobbery goes with it..but the average Londoner is neither a snob or racist or any of the other things you may have heard about us. London is a very busy place very fast, the only thing I would say is that because London is such a busy fast place, ppl dont really have alot of time to chat to others, most ppl just mind their own business and do their own thing...but their are wonderful parts of London, and different neighbourhoods where you will meet fabulous ppl who are none of the above...really what you have heard is just a generalisation, come to London and see for yourself..if you like the fast life you will love london...

    Good luck.

    Source(s): Ps...has fantastic shops and markets.. Im a londoner
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    Lol, I have heard that supposedly a lot of people there have low opinions of America. I'm sure a lot of countries do [I mean comon. Look at us.] But know how we make fun of George Bush and his ways of running the country? They have jokes about him too and we don't have anything on their Queen. Lmfao. And I can say I have proof because I belong to a few chat sites and I've talked to people from other parts of the world. I'm not generalizing but don't be surprised to hear American jokes over there too lol.

    There are snobs in every country though right? I say go ahead and go there. I have also heard it is beautiful and the people are the nicest there! You won't know til you go lol.

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    You will find some of these in every country.

    And I should say that in every big city, more people are rude, because life is lived at a faster pace.

    As for racism, the UK has a bad record statistically, but the statistics are misleading. There are more incidents reported because the victims think it is worth reporting. In many other countries, if you reported a racist incident to the police, their response would be to laugh and do the same.

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    Not all. There are some rude, snobbish, racist people everywhere, not just London. It's a case of the few giving the many a bad name unfortunately, as the good people don't receive the same maximum publicity as the bad.

    Sometimes people are thought to be rude or snobbish when they're not really. They may be preoccupied (deep in thought), wary of strangers or even shy.

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    I agree with Stephen S. I live on the border of Mexico and I've heard that we are the sweetest people ever. Thank you for that but I think some of us take it over the top. You don't need to be best friends with every single person you encounter.

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    there is no way that you have to be a snob to enjoy London or live here. most of London has working class citizens and the more rich are present as well. overall its a very diverse place with very sociably interactive people.

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    Okay, i was born and raised in England, and i'm currently in the states for about a year or so.

    And the racism part is true, sadly. But most people there aren't rude. And I know racism is rude, but for the most part people aren't mean.

    And money isin't everything to most people back home...

    You'd be surprised about how much of what you heard is made up.

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    I've lived in London since day one!!! There are snobs there no doubt about it!!! But you will find that those people who are snobs have not been born there... but have moved there because London is considered is a rich place to live and money swamps their bnrains!!!! The Londoners who have been born there are as friendly as all the people who you have lived with before!!!

    LOL that makes you a snob!!! Well you probably are cos if you can afford to live there and i cant when i've spent all my life there!!! Oh the irony of it all. You must be a rich spoilt b itch!!!

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    Ther're bound to be snobs in every culture/country. Yes, I agree that brits seem to be the more notorious group amongst others. It really depends on the social circle you mix around with. I've known a british guy who's only interested in girls who're NOT british, because he finds that the present day british girls are losing their "class" (quote from him). I have met a couple of pretty cool people from the UK, perhaps because of their international background (travelled a lot, lived in elsewhere for years etc), they seem to accept others more openly as a born and bred brit would.

    I'm in no way judging here, just sharing my experience.

  • They are annoying; I live among them but am not originally from here. All equality, no humanity would some up them up well. Native urbanites are a materialistic bunch who lack compassion because the culture they're brought up in encourages brevity (efficiency) in human interaction and benefits the impatient.

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