Legally, speaking does the victims of Daniel Snay have any legal remedies to obtain his 10 mil lottery win??

In January child molestor Daniel Snay won 10 million dollars off a Massachussets lottery ticket. Snay's crimes occurred in the 70's and 80's and he is deemed a Level 3 sex offender which is the most serious level. Aside from the fact he failed to report he had moved from Connecticut in 2004 to Massachussets. Do the victim's of his crimes have any legal recourse to obtain the money he won for their pain and suffering? I am sure the statute of limitations has long expired but do the victims have any basis for a lawsuit??


Witwats- What's up with the anger? You CANNOT sue me for asking this question! There are civil liability cases in tort law. I am in no way tied to this case but I just find it interesting to see if the victims have a case. So, no it is not my money that wasn't the question now was it??

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    no no no

    cant sue someboyd 25 years later. unless there is every toll of the statute of limitiations available which there wold be none left inmost states.

    sorry he keeps it.

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    All crimes can be pursued in civil court for monetary settlement.

    OJ Simpson was charged criminally and won, then he was sued and lost (for the same crimes).

    Now that he has millions, he has a target on his back. He has what the legal community calls "deep pockets". You can't sue anyone in the middle class for large amounts because you'll never get payment even if you win. If the money doesn't exist, who will pay?

    But if the guy has millions, you can recover millions. The only thing protecting him might be a statute of limitations or an inability to recover the evidence from so long ago.

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    It would probable depend on the age of the victims and the nature of his sex crime.Those factors could affect the statute of limitations. It would certainly be worth talking to an attorney about. Most attorneys would discuss it without cost and if they think you have a case they would take it on a contingency basis. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain so I would talk to several attorneys about it. Good luck. People like him shouldn't be free to be able to purchase a lottery ticket.

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    I wouldn't think there would be a statue of limitations on child molestation since it would cause irreparable psychological damage not just as a child but would follow you into your adult life as well. I would check the law books on that but I am sure a lawyer could find a civil case for the victims to receive his money.

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  • 1 decade ago response to the first answer...OJ Simpson hasn't paid off his judgment and he has millions b/c his pension is exempt from collection.

    Hopefully, the victims may be able to get something, but they'd have to find out where it's being held (i.e. bank accounts, etc)

    Also, if the statute has expired, they are probably out of luck.

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    A personal injury lawsuit would have to be filed within 3 years of the incident that caused the harm!

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    This one is loop hole city. IF they had sued during the statute of limitations, they could probably have attached current and "future" assets. But my understanding of the law is that since they did not file suit during the statute, they cannot do it now.

    Hope this helped.

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    Listen carefully.

    NOT YOUR MONEY!!!!!!

    I have no use for pedophiles, but you're not talking about justice, you're talking about "getting even".

    That's not permissible under the law.

    Civil suits can be for whatever.

    I could sue you for asking this question.

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