What do you think about the Republican ploy going on in Texas to get voters to vote for Obama?

Republicans are spreading their message to Texan republicans to vote democratic in the primary for Obama so they can end Hillary's campaign. Then encouraging them to get delegates to vote for Obama because the Republican's do not want to face Hillary in the White House. Here is a copy of the link Republicans are using to ensure a Republican President:


This has been going around throughout the election- hence all the Obama supposed support- many are Republicans trying to ensure victory. What are your feelings?


Mahal- use your head.. did you actually read the link?? This is going out to Republicans. Answer the question with intelligence not emotional outburst.

Update 2:

Elle- In case you haven't noticed the democratic nomination is not between 2 men. "carrying "his" weight"?? You are another example of someone not reading the link-glad I could offer you 2 pts for a senseless answer.

Update 3:

Goddess- Perhaps a little reading comprehension class for you! I did not read this wrong. I'll copy a segment of this appeal for you to reread:

Voting Democratic this one time will have NO effect on your ability to vote in the next Republican primary or obviously on your vote in November. Since John McCain has the Republican nomination locked up, voting for McCain or Huckabee at this point will have no effect on the outcome on the Republican side.

Case closed!

Update 4:

Socrates- I and millions of people are ignorant?? Thanks for the personal attack for revealing a source of manipulation asshole!

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    You are absolutely right. If anybody would take the time to notice, all the states that Obama is winning happen to be Republican states... hence Obama winning the nomination for the Democratic party, and then losing against Mccain. I can not believe everybody's boxed minds can't read inbetween the lines here. I hope the superdelegates, the ones that trully know what's best for this country, vote for Hillary.

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    I seriously doubt these are Republicans behind the website. Have you seen the latest polls (link below)?

    Actually, a vote for Obama, would help him get that much closer to being the next President. The national polls show Obama beating McCain 47-43, but McCain beating Hillary 47-43.

    Obama winning Texas would be a huge victory for him, a huge loss for Hillary - and probably a bad sign for McCain.

    Texas is an open-primary state. You can vote in either the Republican or the Democrat primary, but not both. [no, it does not mean you have to vote Dem in the fall if you vote in their primary].

    I'm a lifelong Republican but I'm going to vote in the Democrat's primary - and vote FOR Hillary Clinton, since I think she would lose in the fall to John McCain.

    Important note: the Texas Democrat primary is a two-step process. You have to vote twice to be fully-counted. Vote in early voting and then go to your regular polling place at 7pm on election night to attend the caucus. Since about 25% of the delegates are awarded it's critical to go to the short election-night caucus.

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    Many Americans are using this strategy, and they always have. It isn't new. It isn't just the Republicans. It's a common tactic. If people choose to do it, they will. The Republicans aren't FORCING anyone to do anything.

    Many of the people here at YA have said that they (or their family members) have voted for the Democratic candidate that they believed would be easier to beat.

    Not all Democrats are happy with the available choices this time around. Not all the Republicans are happy with their choices. It goes both ways.

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    I think it resembles the belief on the right that Obama is easier to beat than Hillary. All of the conservative talk show and radio show hosts are attacking her and have been since she began to run. They don't even acknowledge Obama even now once he's taken the lead in delegates and is the front-runner. I think that they know that if they can face Obama in Nov instead of Hillary they have a real chance at winning. McCain will keep the focus on Iraq and experience and domestic issues won't be discussed. Once the public feels that Obama can't really keep America safe, as they did with Kerry in 04, they go for the Rep, experience, war hero and we'll have another disaster in the White House for at least another 4 years. As Stephen Colbert would say "don't f*ck this up America".

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    This may have been going on for a while, but I hardly think it was having much effect on the results prior to McCain locking up the Republican race. Why would you vote in the other party's race rather than have a voice in which candidate will represent your own party? Unless, of course, Republicans don't think they have a chance in November no matter who their candidate is.

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    particular, you're constantly meant to vote for the guy on the pollthat you particularly choose to be sure win! the sole way that your occasion association concerns is that, interior the primaries, you're purely waiting to vote among those applicants working to your occasion. that's the sole time which you're constrained in who you may vote for. however the primaries are throughout with and now the applicants have been nominated so as that there is only the two to choose between. Pull the lever (or faucet the touch mushy demonstrate screen) for whomever represents you suitable! and forget with regard to the loon who thinks dems does not be subject to the tests and balances of a three branch government while that's been the repub government it truly is done their suitable to shred this technique set up by using the form. additionally forget approximately everybody who's telling you the thank you to vote or any crap approximately applicants, they think of which you're impressionable and that swing voters may be gained on Yahoo Questions. it is your stunning and your determination no count who you're for. as a count of actuality, be at liberty to forget approximately lots of the crap published as responses right here.

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    I am a Conservative and I can guarantee you two things. We want neither Obama or McCain in the election. McCain is to us a RHINO (Republican in name only). Obama is the most Liberal Senator in the nation. (Not just this election). And even worse, he has an incredible following. We would rather have our candidate face Hilary Clinton any day (her negatives are enough to guarantee a near win or clear win).

    All that being said, we've already accepted defeat as no true Conservative will vote for McCain no matter who he runs against.

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    Oh please. Don't blame us. If anyone sways Texas to Obama (beyond NAFTA being linked to Bill, which is a separate issue in Texas) it will be Kennedy's campaigning there. Hillary has Latino preference, but against an active Kennedy campaign? Not so sure.

    I don't know who you lot will elect to represent you, but I don't like who we Republicans seem to be electing, so I am more likely to vote for your candidate than ours. Obama might be better than Hillary. Or not. I don't really see much difference between them.

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    I think if that's what they are doing, it will backfire.

    I also think there is a category of disgusted Republicans who are voting for Obama because they don't like McCain OR Hillary, and that this category might be bigger than the primary-gaming crowd.

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    Yeah I heard about that during the Virginia primary. A lot of republicans here voted for Obama but they aren't voting for him in the general election,cause they think he will be the easiest for McCain to beat.

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